Little Library: Fluff Reads

“It’s always the fear of looking stupid that stops you from being awesome.” – Kiera Cass, The Selection

Little Library: Fluff Reads

We want to give some book recommendations that are fun, enjoyable and not overly emotional.  Sometimes you may want to dig deep and read a book that tugs on the heart strings but other times, you may just want to read for pure enjoyment.  The books that we are recommending books that are perfect for the latter- fun, quick paced and the perfect pick me up.  We have included a list of books/ series that will provide a great distraction from the real world.

Little Library: Fluff Reads

  1.  The Selection Series by Kiera CassThis series of books is a little bit “The Bachelor” meets “The Hunger Games”.  These great easy reads are fun and appealing because everyone needs a good  cinderella story sometimes.
  2. The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness– I admit that I really love witch/ vampire books.  These books provide a real getaway from reality while simultaneously being well-written.  This trilogy is a fun quick read!!
  3. Paper Princess (The Royals) Erin Watt – I’m obsessed with this series. Following  the drama of the November election, I needed something that would help me unwind. Teen angst, snobby classmates, ridiculous story lines, this is the best fluff there is!
    Little Library: Fluff Reads

    “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” he murmured. I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word. “What a stupid lamb,” I sighed. “What a sick, masochistic lion.” – Stephanie Meyer, Twilight

  4. The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer What is there to say about Twilight that hasn’t been said already?  I will admit that when I first read the books, I wanted to stop after the first one.  Thankfully,  my friend and writer extraordinaire, AR Kennedy, convinced me to keep going.  I’m so glad I did.  These are the books I read when I need to not think about life. Because, there is nothing resembling real-life in this saga.
  5. Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James – What started as a fan fiction for Twilight has turned into something much much more.  I don’t think this series needs much more explanation
  6. Eligible by Curtis Sittenfield – A modern retelling of my favorite Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. This story features Hate Sex, a Trans character and one mention of a dildo. Not the Austen I grew up knowing, but a fun read none the less.Little Library: Fluff Reads

    “There are plenty of people who like you just as you are. You should remember that when you start feeling like you’re being erased.” -Heather Cocks, The Royal We

  7. The Royal  We by Heather Cocks– Light and fun, from the makers of the hysterical blog I have an obsession with the british royal family and this take on the Wills and Kate love story is amazing!
  8. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion– You know how this book is going to end even before you start reading it.  However that does not make the journey any less enjoyable.  This is a sweet, funny story that is definitely worth a read.
  9. Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner- Jennifer Weiner has a great formula that she uses a lot in her book- overweight girl plus comedy equals a journey to self discovery.  Nevertheless, I love her books and read them whenever I need a 1/2 dose reality mixed with 1/2 dose of perfect world.Little LIbrary: Fluff Reads
  10. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger –  Everyone has heard of Devil Wears Prada, a favorite movie adaptation of ours made famous by Meryl Streep. Lauren Weisberger wrote a few other gems, my personal favorite is this take on life in PR.