Author Spotlight: A.R. Kennedy (Nathan Miccoli Series)

“I looked around the room and couldn’t locate my cell phone. I walked over to the window to raise the shade to let in some sun and look at the ocean.  The ocean was not there” ~AR Kennedy, Gone but not missed

Author Spotlight on A.R. Kennedy (Nathan Miccoli Series)

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with one of my good friends and  favorite authors AR Kennedy in NYC.  She is the author of the Nathan Miccoli Series– a series of books that starts on Valentine’s Day when Lily is abducted with her sweet little dog Laude.  Currently, this series is 6 books long and isn’t done yet!!!  This series is a great read that will draw you in on the first page and never let you out until the book is done (and maybe not then either).  Alicia and I  saw Harry Potter in Concert at Radio City Music Hall and it was awesome.  Over dinner we had a chance to chat about life, books and baseball (the Mets in particular).

BTB: First, lets talk about the Mets: Where did your love of the team come from? 

ARK: I started watching baseball when I was 4. My father, after many years of me pleading, took me to a game at 7. He took me to Shea Stadium, which is still my happy place (even though it was torn down in 2008).  I was hooked at my first game! I taught myself the game, watching and reading everything baseball and Mets that I could. I’ve traveled around the country to see them play and planned vacations around their schedule. I’m never one to do something a little.  (Case in point…I wanted to write a novel, one story, and it has morphed into a series of currently 6 books).

“Laude pawed my arm. I was so tired and tried to get her to go back to sleep.  Like an alarm clock, I hoped patting her on the head would be a snooze button and a few more minutes, or hours, of sleep.” `A R Kennedy, Gone but Not Calm

BTB: Second and more importantly, tell me about the inspiration for the precious Laude- the perfect pup?

ARK: She is a combination of my two perfect schnauzer pups, H & L. Laude looks like L–petite, black– and is smart. She acts like H– sweet, happy. But her attitude is all L. (Or me.)

BTB: Tell me about the Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series….where did you get the idea for the book

ARK: I had a long commute to a job I really didn’t like. I wondered one day…what would they do if I didn’t show up? I realized they wouldn’t do anything. Now, my mother would notice quickly and take action but what would happen if I didn’t have a mom like mine? I spring boarded from there—why did this woman go missing? How did she go missing? And Lily, Nathan, Laude, and others were born.

BTB: Some people say that you are quite like the character of Lily- what do you think- Do you see the similarities?

ARK: I don’t think I act anything like Lily. I find Lily passive. I don’t think anyone would call me that. I’m quiet but I speak my mind when necessary. I’m far too much of a control freak to just float along like she does. Our similarities are our jobs (physical therapist) and our hair. We both have wild, uncontrollable hair. While hers is brown and mine…isn’t. (Or sometimes may be if that’s what my colorist thinks is best.

“And she started to cry when I you put the ring on. That’s OK”. She sounded relieved. “Put her on the phone, I can’t wait to hear about the ring!”  I hesitated, not knowing what to do. Lily was not getting on the phone.  I was even afraid to ask her.  “Well, there is not real ring,” I told her.

 A.R. Kennedy (Nathan Miccoli Series)
A.R. Kennedy (Left) and Jackie


BT: Where did you get the inspiration for Nathan?

ARK: Nathan is based on some good and some bad of the exes in the vault as well as some of the things I wish they had been.

BTB: You also write short stories and won an award. Can you tell me a bit about that?

ARK: I’m the 2016 Writers’ Police Academy’s Golden Donut Short story Award winner! I’m currently working on my 2017 submission.  I love writing a short story. I’ve written several in many genres.

BTB: Your stories have a dark side to them- where does that come from?

ARK: That’s all me baby!! I see the darkness in everything.

BTB: Finally, what project/ projects do you have coming up?

ARK:I’m currently working on a stand alone novel that I will be submitting to agents this spring. Fingers and toes crossed that I’ll find an agent!

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