Pirate Books for All Ages

“Dinosailors have a ball, until their vessel hits a squall.” – Deb Lund, Dinosailors

Looking for the best pirate books for your child? We've got you covered from baby to middle grade readers with pirate books for all ages!

Pirates are always fun to read about from board books to the classics.  The daring adventures on the sea, escapes and captures and the search for buried treasure captivates children and adults alike.  What would the Princess Bride be without the Dread Pirate Roberts? How could we love Peter Pan without Captain Hook? In honor of these beloved Pirates, we included a list of pirate books for all ye small scalleywags to enjoy. So whether you have a 2 year old or a 12 year old, we have the pirate book for you.


That’s not my Pirate by Fiona WattThis Usborne touchy feely book is adorable for your littlest pirate lover.

Sheep on a Ship by Nancy E. Shaw– Sheep, ships and rhymes….an adorable combination with very cute illustrations.

Pirates Don’t take Baths by John Segal–  A little pirate doesn’t want to take a bath.  Will he overcome his pirate ways….

4-8 years

Pirates Go To School by Corinne DemasThis hilarious book appeals to the 4-8 year old crowd. Can the pirates learn to read and write and behave?

DinoSailors by Deb Lund – The dinosaurs are looking for adventure, but can they even keep their lunch down aboard their ship?

How I Became a Pirate by David ShannonWith the hilarious text and fantastic pictures, this book is sure to become a family favorite

Captain Abdul’s Little Treasure by Colin McHaughton – A pirate captain is raises his baby and teaches him to be a pirate – but the baby always has the upper hand.

Eloise’s Pirate Adventure by Lisa McClatachy Eloise loves to dress up as a pirate. And who doesn’t? Follow Eloise and Weenie on a pirate adventure to search for treasure

6-10 year olds

Magic Treehouse: Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne: Number 4 in the Magic Treehouse Series, Jack and Annie arrive in the time of pirates on the high seas.  Will they find a treasure or be forced to walk the plank?

Puppy Pirates #1: Stowaway by Erin Soderbergh: This adorable series combines puppies and pirates for fun adventures.  With four books in the series so far, the fun can continue.

8 and up

Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter’s Companions by Captain William Lubber: This book is written like a ships log for a pirate hunter filled with pictures and great information. This book is sure to be a huge hit for any pirate lover.

Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry: This book is the first in the series.  It tells the story of how Peter Pan becomes the magical boy who saves the world.  No pressure right?

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson : This book is a classic that was originally written to entertain Stevenson’s 12 year old son. It’s actually free on Kindle!!!

Did we forget your favorite pirate adventure? Let us know!

Ahoy! We have your first mate covered with these Pirate Books for All Ages!