Little Library: What Our Children Are Reading This Month

Chocolate Touch, Morris Mole, Hotel Bruce and Many more of the reads on repeat in our house right now!It’s all well and good when Jackie and I review new kids books or link them to activities. But lets be honest, our kids have the final say in what is read on repeat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been charmed by a book only to read it to my kids for the first time and find them walking away mid-story. With that in mind, we wanted to make a list of the books we are reading this month is our homes. The great ones. The ones that we know by heart.  We have uncovered great new finds in our recent watering hole searches and we’ve also dusted off a classic.  So here we are, sharing with you the books that our children are reading this month. Think of it as the children’s version of Novel Ideas.

June 2017 Children’s Favorites

What books do our kids love the most? These are the books on repeat in our houses this month!

I loved The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling as a child, so when I saw it on Amazon for less than $3 recently, I snatched it up! It is too challenging to be read alone by my Kindergartener. (He just graduated pre-k…He’s getting too old…Where did the time go…All the tears. End Scene.) It is a perfect read-aloud chapter book for our bedtime story. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading about this spin on Midas’s Golden Touch.


Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk was released in 2015, but I’ve only just discovered it. My kids think it is hysterical to see Lady Pancake try to beat Sir French Toast to the last drop of syrup as they navigate the perils of the refrigerator. The message about sharing is particularly important since we are firmly in the midst of the sibling rivalry phase.


I found this adorable and hilarious book at an amazing store in Peddler’s Village called JaZams.   The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson (Room on the Broom) is illustrated by Helen Oxenbury (Going on a Bear Hunt). All the animal are terrified by the Giant Jumperee who has commandeered Rabbit’s hole.  But, who is in there?  My Kids can’t stop laughing every time we reach the end of this book.


Morris Mole and the other Children's books on repeat in our houses.

Morris the Mole by Dan Yaccarino is about a little mole who has always been different than everyone else.  He learns that this can be a good thing! My favorite part of the story is the moral. Even the smallest of creatures can do great big things.  This story is touching and adorable.  We love it.  


Hotel Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins is the sequel to Mother Bruce (an excellent read if you don’t have it already.) This installment features the grumpy but kind-hearted bear returning home from a recent migration with his geese to find his home turned into a hotel by 3 mice. There is a line about peeing, someone sits on a porcupine and general hilarity ensues. 

Playmobil and Mighty, Mighty, Construction Site go hand and hand!

This was a month of sequels for us. If Mighty, Mighty Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker looks familiar to you, its because you probably know  its beloved older brother Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. My kids actually got this back in April, but their recent obsession with Playmobil has reignited their interest in books related to construction. This one introduces 4 new characters to the Construction Site.


Of all the books on this list of monthly favorites, The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt (of The Day the Crayons Quit fame) is the hands down favorite. I’ve read this so often that I now make specific voices for each character. It’s HYSTERICAL. There is no moral to this story, just plain silliness. My kids guffaw with laughter every time we pick it up. It comes with us in the car every morning. They adore it. If you purchase any book from this list, purchase this one. 

I Don't Draw, I Color! and 7 other books our children are reading this month.

I Don’t Draw, I COLOR!  by Adam Lehrhaupt is a lovely book that explores creativity as opposed to artistry.  I love how the child in this book can express feelings and emotions with colors.  Often, it is so difficult for children to express themselves verbally and I love how this book gives another way to do this.  


Max and Bird by Ed Vere is an adorable book that my kids and I really enjoy reading together. I received an advanced reader copy but the book will be released in hardcover this September! Add this to your list of books to read with the kids.  The book is adorable and funny but also teaches a lesson on friendship and kindness. Bird wants to be friends with Max but can a bird and cat be friends? This book doesn’t preach but, it has an important message.  


From classics to new releases, picture books to middle-grade. Here are the best books of the month. Best books of May...chosen by our children!

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  1. Oh, we love Mother Bruce! I had no idea there was a sequel. I’ll have to check this out. And I may have to get I Don’t Draw, I Color just because it looks so pretty.

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