Bookish Things: Quirky Harry Potter Gifts

From snitch fidget spinners to rose gold wand makeup brushes, there is something for everyone on this list!

This past June, Harry Potter celebrated its 20th book birthday. With Harry and J.K. Rowling both sharing a birthday on July 31, July has become unofficial Harry Potter Month. We LOVE Harry Potter, but a lot of the gear for the series is dark and dreary. We get it — magic and castles and such — but we wanted to put together a list of Harry Potter gifts that are a little quirkier and lighter. Here are some unexpected finds for your favorite HP fan…or you know… yourself. 

Golden Snitch Fidget Spinners, wand makeup brushes and a self-stirring mug are just a few highlights on this Harry Potter gift list!

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Harry Potter Letter Wallet – The famed Hogwarts acceptance letter is monumental in changing Harry’s future. This wallet can double as a clutch for a cheeky addition to your date night outfits!

99 Problems Mug – Coffee and Books go together like Ron and Hermione. This mug, in particular, is amazing because of its early ’03 rap reference! (Coincidentally, the year Order of the Phoenix was released.)

Doodle Mouse Mat – I love the quirky little scribbles on this mouse pad. There is so much to appreciate in the cartoonish graphics, though Hagrid is my favorite doodle.

Snitch Fidget Spinner – The latest craze to hit children everywhere meets the ultimate fandom book series. Get this inexpensive ($12) fidget spinner for your favorite Quidditch fan! 

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes- These rose gold brushes are beautiful and practical. The soft bristles are perfect for transforming your look with a swish and flick!

Harry Potter Sweatshirt – I don’t like brown, black or pretty much any of the Hogwarts house colors, so I’ve never found something I was interested in wearing until now. This ombre sweatshirt is simple and feminine. I can totally see myself wearing it snuggles up on a cold winter day.

Bubbling Caldron Bath Bomb – This bath bomb will turn an ordinary bath into an extraordinary potions lesson! The bomb will fizz and pop while turning the water into a sparkling, green solution that just so happens to smell like blackberry. Don’t worry, this solution won’t turn you into Crabbe or Goyle.

Quibbler Kindle Cover –  Embrace your inner Lovegood with this edition of the Quibbler. Designed to fit over and disguise your Kindle from preying eyes. Bonus points if you put it on upside down!

Wizardy Buttery Drinks Frostbeard Candle – Frostbeard Studio makes some amazing book themed candles. This one evokes the Butterbeer we all know and love, but other scents include Headmaster’s Office, Divination Classroom, Cauldron Cakes and Loyal Wizards to name a few. Available in full sizes candles, tarts and sample sizes – this is a great gift for any book lover!

Cards Against Harry Potter – Cards Against Humanity meets Harry Potter? Yes, Please! The combos in this set will have you laughing harder than Hagrid after a cuppa – but beware – this is NOT for children.

Self Stirring Mug – Bring a little magic to your morning routine. Pour in your coffee, milk, and sugar and press a button to watch them combine. Freak out your kids and co-workers by chanting some magical words while the mug does its thing!

Deathly Hallows Galaxy Print – I love this subtle geometric art for any Harry Potter Lover. With the simple shapes and galaxy print, only the most die-hard HP fan will probably make the connection to the deathly hallows!

12 unique gift for Harry Potter Fans! Snitch fidget spinners, self-stirring mugs, ombre sweatshirts and more! There is something for everyone on this list!

12 unique and out of the ordinary gifts for Harry Potter Fans. From golden snitch fidget spinners to butterbeer candles! This fun list has something for Hogwarts House member!

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