Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Plan your next Harry Potter Party with food, drinks, games and decor themed after the wizarding world.

Happy 37th Birthday Mr. Potter! While the stories of Harry Potter are celebrating their 20th year in existence, the character himself was born on July 31, 1980, making him 37 today. What is even more exciting is that this is the year that his age is the EXACT age as the epilogue chapter in Deathly Hallows.  We believe this milestone should be celebrated, today and …always…(we had too!) That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite Harry Potter Food, Decor and Entertainment ideas from the web to inspire your next Potter party. 

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Looking for the perfect menu for your Harry Potter Party? We have some favorite Harry Potter inspired Food for even the pickiest eaters.

What is a party without food? Diehard fans most likely own The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook which boasts more than 150 recipes inspired by the books. Meat and potato pies and pumpkin pasties are just a few of the goodies in here.

You can travel down to Harry Potter World and grab yourself some Chocolate Frogs, but it’s probably easier to make them yourself. Use this Chocolate Frog Mold and download this  Chocolate Frog Packaging, which is easy to assemble and comes with a collectible card! These Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans are perfect for everyone too and since they are easier to come by, no need to spend time making them!

I cannot with these Snitches (Ferrero Rochers and these free printable wings!) 

How about this fizzing Polyjuice Potion! This yummy concoction is sure to bring out the best (or worst) harry potter character in all of us! Get the recipe here.

For even more AMAZING Harry Potter Recipes, you must check out www.inliterature.net. She has more than 50 Harry Potter inspired recipes. From Liquid Luck to Honeydukes Pink Coconut Ice to Cauldron Cakes and even Knickerbocker Glory.


The perfect decor for your Harry Potter party. From the mirror of erised, to floating candles, to platform 9 3/4. We have the perfect decorations to set the mood for all you muggles!

Platform 9 3/4, The Great Hall and The Ministry of Magic are just a few of the magical places introduced to us by J.K. Rowling. While we muggles can’t visit these locations, we can certainly draw party inspiration from them.

Set the party scene at the front door by asking your guests to enter by way of Platform 9 3/4. Hang this Wooden Sign above the front door and then slice a line up the middle of this Brick Wall Backdrop before hanging it in front of the door. Guests would literally have to step through the brick wall!

This Mirror of Erised is epic. Learn to make it yourself by following this link.

Who could forget the moment we learned how magicians head into the Ministry of Magic? Surprise your guests by decorating your bathroom with this Ministry of Magic Toilet Seat Decal. It will be the talk of the party!

Create your own Great Hall with a Hogwarts Banner and House Banners. Bonus points if you DIY your own floating candles!


Looking for entertainment for your Harry Potter party? From dark mark tattoos to tabletop quidditch, there is something for ages young and old!You’ve set the scene, you’ve made the food. Your guests have come and now you need to keep them entertained! Sure, you could put on any of the Harry Potter movies, but we want you to be social! 

The first thing to do it ask everyone to pick a side. Are you Death Eater or Potter lover? Choose your allegiance and then declare it to the world with these tattoos ( Dark Mark Tattoo and Lightning Bolt Tattoo.)

Next up you need to document that you actually attended the party (because we know you want to put them on Instagram!) We recommend this Wanted Poster Backdrop from Prisoner of Azkaban. You can also use these Wizard Photo Booth Props.

What says Wizard more than Quidditch? Pretty much nothing. This DIY Quidditch Set is easy to make and excellent for kids and adults alike! Fill your cups with butterbeer – alcoholic or non-alcoholic recipes will work equally well. If you set it up 

Or maybe you just want to sit around and play Cards Against Potter?  This clever take on Cards Against Humanity will have everyone in stitches. (Adults only fun.)

Let us know how you plan to celebrate this milestone birthday below!