Celebrate Book Lovers Day!

From re-reading a favorite book to passing one along to friends, we have a few ideas on how to celebrate National Book Lovers Day.

Today is Book Lovers Day and it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all things book related.  We love books and tried the think of the perfect way to celebrate this auspicious occasion.  Of course, we could not think of just one! Below you will find almost a dozen ideas to mark the day. Let us know which ones you choose!

10 ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day!

  1.  Visit a local bookshop.  We love book stores of all shapes and sizes but, today is the perfect day to support your local book store.   The men and woman who own these stores have dedicated their lives to books and we couldn’t think of a better way to show our love.  The Narberth Bookshop is one of our favorites.  Make sure you tell them that Beyond the Bookends sent you!
  2. Re-read an old favorite.  I think the Count of Monte Cristo will be popping out today for that feeling of success in the face of terrible odds.  I know that Kirsten will be reading her copy of the Odyssey that she just picked up at Baldwin’s Book Barn.
  3. Buy a bookish candle.  Whether it is the smell of New Paperback or  Lallybroch, Sherlock’s Study or a Divination Classroom, Frostbeard Candles have the scent that will transport you into your favorite book. The problem will be choosing just one.
  4. Contact your favorite author. Send them a letter, tag them on Instagram, or find them on Facebook.  It is so easy in this day and age to let them know how much you love their writing.  I am sure that any author would love to hear how their book has touched your life.  I already gave a shoutout to my new fave Bianca Marais.  If you have not read Hum If You Don’t Know the Words, today is the perfect day to start.  
  5. Watch a book themed movie- Our favorites: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Bride, or Twilight.
  6. Read a book off your backlist- I am currently reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  This has been on my list for a few years. I am loving it and I’s so excited that I finally started this book.  
  7. Donate a book- There are so many schools in Philadelphia that do not have the funds for books.  Principals are so happy to take book donations.  Hospitals are also so happy to take donations as well as libraries or organizations like Cradles to Crayons.
  8. Make a recipe from your favorite book- I admit that I have made butterbeer.  Actually, I have tested numerous recipes for butter beer to determine which one was the best.  Need inspiration? We have a pinterest board filled with literary recipes.
  9. Upgrade your kindle cover or book sleeve. Kirsten gets asked about her kindle cover all the time on Instagram. Here is the link to the one she’s using. It looks like a composition book and at $16 it’s a steal!
  10. Give the gift of reading- Nothing is better than giving the gift of reading.  Children’s Book World in Haverford  is an amazing book store.  There is not a person who works in the store that doesn’t know just about every book in the store.  They always have excellent recommendations for every age and every genre.  One of my favorite things about the store is that if a child does not like a book, it is returnable (provided it is still in sellable condition).

Bonus: Host a book exchange or attend one. We will be announcing a book exchange in the upcoming weeks so get ready!!!