Teen Girl Night Circus Bedroom

Night Circus inspired bedroom

The Night Circus is a favorite book around here — and for good reason (see review)! The magic of the Night Circus is exactly what dreams are made of. (The Night Circus is called Le Cirque des Rêves or Circus of Dreams). So what could be better than a bedroom that pays homage to this magical book?

  We love the idea of a Night Circus bedroom because it is magical and literary. Yet, unless you are a true Rêveur, it just looks like a sophisticated and sumptuous bedroom. From the perfect prints and mirror to the small touch of red in the chair, this Night Circus bedroom is prefect for your teen.

The Night Circus is one of the dreamiest and most romantic novels for teens and adults alike. It is also the perfect inspiration for a teen girls bedroom!

Every teen girl needs a luxurious space to dream. This White Tufted Wingback Bed is the perfect spot to chat on the phone or stay away giggling with friends while gazing at the  Night Circus Print  hanging on the wall. The bedding needs to fit the black and white circus theme, so this Duvet Cover and Striped Bedding do the trick nicely. I’m also obsessed with the Band Jacket Pillow that reminds me of a ringmaster’s coat!

While a bed is important, every girl needs a reading nook! A Black Velvet Chaise is the perfect place to recline and relax. The Star Pillow and Striped Rug are nods to the Night Circus’s famous striped tents and nighttime only hours. An understated End table will hold her drink and snack of choice!

One of my favorite magical creations in the book is Celia’s carousel. When I saw this Carousel Print I knew it was the perfect addition to the room! The Heart Shelf is useful for holding books and trinkets, while the  Striped Curtain helps to continue the tent-like imagery around the room.

Whether for doing homework or applying make-up, a desk is a must in any teen room! This Mirror is so fun and glamourous. I would have killed for it as girl! The Desk has a victorian steampunk feel and the Ghost Chair (which I own and love in clear) is the perfect dose of red that all Rêveurs need.