Getting Ready for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween on a budget with great finds from Target!

Halloween is just around the corner and we are beyond excited! Jackie and I are each diving into mysteries this month and they are totally putting us in the Halloween spirit. We decided to take a shopping trip to Target to stock up on the best new decor. Whether you are throwing a big bash or just handing out candy, we hope our choices help you get ready for Halloween. Trick or Treat!!


Obsessed with these pumpkin picks from Target! All are less that $10 and can be used year after year! Studded pumpkins, golden pumpkins, teal pumpkins, and black and white pumpkins too!

You can’t get ready for Halloween without having a few pumpkins! The first pumpkin on our list is the most important of all!  The Teal Pumpkin signifies to all the trick or treaters that you are a FOOD ALLERGY spot. Kids with allergies struggle with Halloween. Many candies have products like dairy or nuts that they can’t have. As a result, Halloween can be isolating and scary for those kids and their parents. If you place a teal pumpkin outside your home, it means have non- food treats. I always have glowsticks, little buckets of slime, pencils, and other fun items on hand to give out. You can grab them at the dollar store or target’s dollar spot.

This Webbed Pumpkin is perfect for people like me that don’t like to carve pumpkins but still want some spooky flair. Both the set of Black and Gold Mini Pumpkins and the  Golden Pumpkin could continue through fall as Thanksgiving decor too.  For those of you who celebrate the Day of the Dead  (or just want to decorate for Halloween with bright colors) this Sugar Skull Pumpkin is great. Lastly,  these Studded Large Pumpkins and  Studded  Small pumpkins are must-haves in my book.


 Prepping for Halloween can be fun and affordable! We love the serving platters, beverage dispensers and more from Target!


I’m obsessed with these glasses!  Each set has 4 patterns. You can’t have a party without plates to eat on! This set comes with service for 8 for only $13. Serving food doesn’t have to be boring. This Spiderweb Serving Bowl and Ouiji Board Serving Tray, look great and are functional. Looking to make your party adult friendly? This Lit Beverage Dispenser will certainly do the trick, while this flask is ghoulishly fun on the go!

 Indoor Decor

Looking for fun and unique halloween decor? These eyeball flasks are creepy cute and this animated radio is top notch! They are all affordable too!

I adore these creepy eye test tubes and flasks. They are nerdy Halloween at it’s best! Up the scare-factor with this bleeding candelabra! Thing has come back in the form of this bronze votive holder. This animated candy dish is not for the faint of heart. This Skeleton Crow would be so spooky fun in this creepy birdcage! I also love this candlelit cobweb radio!

Outdoor Decor

I'm so in love with these outdoor decor items perfect for halloween.  This giant spiderweb, animated doorbell and even funny skeletons! But clearly, these wicked witch legs are the best of the bunch!

Target is all about the animal skeletons this year, but this dachshund takes the cake. You know we love a literary reference – so these wicked witch of the East legs are EVERYTHING! This light-up spider is not so creepy which makes it OK for little ones. The matching giant spider web works for indoor or outdoor decor too! Want to scare your trick or treaters? This animated doorbell will do the trick! Turn any bush into a monster with these giant inflatable eyes. They totally crack me up and if I had the correct bushes for these, I would snap them up for only $9!