The Bookish Box: Outlander Box Review

Looking for the Scoop on the latest The Bookish Box one-time box? We've unpacked the Outlander limited edition box and did a full review of all the goodies inside!

Since we have become active on Bookstagram, Jackie and I have seen more and more about subscription services based on books. There are services like the Book of the Month club (which we belong to) that offers the newest hottest books each month for discounted prices and there are services that send products based on your favorite books. These bookish product subscriptions come in all genres and price points. One that pops up frequently is The Bookish BoxWhen I saw that the Bookish Box was releasing a special edition Outlander box…well you know I had to have it. I decided that you Outlander fans may want to take a look at the goodies inside!

The Bookish Box One Time Outlander Box - This one included a great Outlander themed Tshirt!

First up was great T-shirt featuring a famed quote from Outlander. The quote “Because I wanted you more than I ever wanted anything in my life” was from Jamie as he explained to Claire the real reason he married her. The shirt is SO soft! The blue is a bit bright for me, but I’ve been wearing it to bed non-stop! The shirt was true to size and had me searching the bookish box’s site for other t-shirts.

Outlander stemless wineglass, a bookish necklace and some chapstick are 3 of the items in this month's bookish box!

Next, three smaller items were all bundled together. The first being an awesome stemless wineglass with Outlander & Wine & Sassenach & Kilts etched onto it. I love to relax with a glass of wine when watching the latest episodes, so this was perfect for me. Inside the cup were nestled a handcrafted lip balm (cucumber melon – yum!) and a book necklace. I don’t wear necklaces in that particular style, so I took the chain off and put it on my car keys instead!

A gorgeous leather purse was included in this month's Outlander Bookish Box. It features craig na dun and gaelic script. Gaelic script on the leather purse from the bookish box.

The last item was incredible! A gorgeous leather clutch with a watercolor picture of Craig Na Dun on one side. The other side featured Claire and Jaime’s Gaelic wedding vows. The clutch is lined in a  high-quality satin material. It’s not my usual style, but I’m determined to wear it out! It’s too special not to use.

All in all, I loved this bookish box. I’ve used all of the items so far and will definitely be ordering more in the future. If you would like to order one of their one-time boxes,  sign up for a subscription or buy specific products, head over to

Outlander one-time box review from The Bookish Box. Unboxing and package details included an AMAZING leather clutch, a t-shirt and more!