2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The Perfect Gift Guide for the Holiday Season.Growing up in my house, Hannukah was always a bit unique. Instead of 8 nights of toys and other plastic stuff, my mom always themed our nights. We had book night, game night, clothing night, sports night etc. I love this idea because it helps rain in the clutter, often times replacing wants with needs. One night of Hannukah is charity night. In lieu of gifts, we donate money or items to a good cause. I’d highly encourage you to add this practice to your Hannukah celebrations. Jackie and I thought it might be fun to outline what we are planning to get our kids this year – by theme night of course. Let us know what items are on your list this year! Whether using these ideas for Hannukah or Christmas, we hope our 2018 holiday gift guide is helpful.

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Fun books for readers of all ages!!

Book Night

Dude! by Aaron Reynolds –This book made it onto our Best Picture Books of 2018 release. It’s perfect for all ages and it’s super funny too!

Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliot –Part of the Branches series, the Owl Diaries is the perfect series for early readers with easy to sound out words and lots of pictures.

Dogman by Dav Pilkey – This classic if a favorite of most children, especially those that don’t enjoy reading. The sixth in the series just came out too.

The Library Book by Tom Chapin –I love this picture book that introduces the concept of the library to kids. Can I suggest you pair it with a library card of their own?

Honeydukes Scratch and Sniff-My younger son is into Harry Potter because his older brother is reading the first book. Since that content is too dark and scary for the little guy, I think he’ll love this scratch and sniff book about a beloved Hogsmeade location.

HIVE Series by Mark Walden – This series is perfect to give a middle school reader. I love the idea of giving the first in a book series to encourage kids to get hooked on a story.

Give gifts that get kids moving with this sports gift guide. Kids will love these outdoor toys so much they won't realize they are getting exercise too!Sports Night

Tangle Creations Nightball Soccer- We are super crazed with soccer now and I love the idea of this glowing soccer ball. So fun! They make a basketball version too.

Tangle Baseball Bat and Ball- Yes, I’m super into getting the kids outside when it’s dark. Why? Because in Winter we have loads of hours of awake time when the kids are just sitting around the house because it’s too dark to play. With this bat and ball, it won’t be too dark at all!

Capture the Flag Nighttime Outdoor Game- Who didn’t love playing Capture the Flag as a kid? I adored it and this one is even better. With glowing bracelets and more, this elevates the classic game.

Ladder Toss- Perfect for the beach (where we play it) or the backyard (where want it) this game is easy for every age group to understand and play.

Water Wubble- We had these reusable water balloons over the summer and loved them. Unfortunately, ours accidentally went out with the trash, but we plan to get them again!

Footgolf – Remember when Frisbee Golf was a thing? Well, now we have Footgolf, Aka Soccer golf. I love the idea of teaching the kids precision footwork in a fun way.



We've rounded up the hottest toys for the 2018 holiday season. For ages 3 to 13 these gifts perfect for all the kids on your Christmas List.Toy Night

Harry Potter Legos – Harry Potter Legos are back and we are here for it! My boys can’t wait to get this set!

Playmobil Snowball Fight- Playmobil has been a fan favorite in my house forever! This newly released Snowball fight set is adorable and under $15!

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox –Part tech, part toy – Lego boost allows you to build and control a Lego robot. Learning fun for all.

Bluetooth Karaoke- Got a music lover in the house? Why not let them take center stage with this adorable karaoke machine?

Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run- We have a starter set for this wooden marble run but can’t wait to add on! My guys love building and rebuilding this set OVER and OVER and OVER and….

Melissa and Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream- I gave this as a gift over the summer and my kids still ask to go to their friend’s house to play with this set. This one is perfect for the little ones on your list!

PJ gift guide for 2018. Presents don't have to be more toys - upgrade your favorite kid's nighttime routine with these cozy PJs.Clothing Night

Books to Bed Mighty Construction Night- The classic truck book beloved by millions paired with matching PJs? What could be more perfect than this gift?

Books to Bed Uni the Unicorn- Another new classic with matching PJs – this time with a unicorn theme. There are so many more in this series, so be on the lookout for other options too.

Unicorn Slippers- This fuzzy comfy slippers are perfect for keeping cozy toes warm. And what Unicorn lover could resist that gold horn?

Monster Slippers – Have a monster lover in your home? Let them stomp around the house all winter long in these monster feet.

Harry Potter Pajamas- Obviously, Harry Potter is beloved for a reason. Why not pair these PJs with a lego set or Illustrated edition of the series?

Harry Potter Girl Pajamas- Little girls will love this adorably gilded Marauders Map nightgown. Can I get it in my size?

Incredible games perfect for every age group! Holiday gift guide 2018.Game Night

Ticket to Ride New York- Ticket To Ride is a fan favorite at my house but the games can last awhile. This faster version will let us sneak in a quick game more often.

Monopoly Deal- My 6-year-old fell in love with this game after playing it down the shore this summer. As someone who can’t stand playing the OG Monopoly, I was surprised that I love it too.  At less than $5 it’s an amazing stocking stuffer or little gift to hand out because it’s perfect for ages 6-106.

Kingdomino- I’m a sucker for unique award-winning games. This domino type game won the 2017 prize for  best family strategy game.

Brain Games IceCool- Another award winner, this one looks perfect for a slightly younger age group. My little one will love flicking the penguin from room to room.

Sushi Go!- Sushi Go! Is a great game that’s fast and fun. I bought it on a whim and loved it so much that Jackie is getting it for her kiddos for the holidays.

Codenames- There are lots of different versions of this game. Whether you like Harry Potter, Disney, or want to play one of the originals, this party game will have the whole family in on the guessing fun.

The Hottest Tech Toys for 2018 including the newest OSMO release, a coding wand, and the new Amazon ECHO Kids.

Technology Night

Osmo Detective – Remember our post on all the OSMO games? Well, they just released a new one and I can’t wait for my seek-and-find loving four-year-old to get his hands on this one. He’s going to love it!

3D Doodler Starter Kit- 3D printing is all the rage and this doodler starter kits makes 3d building easy and fun. Another perfect STEM gift.

Echo Dot Kids- This is #1 on my children’s list of gifts. They are DYING for an Echo Dot Kids. We use Alexa and the Echo in our house all the time. I recently added an Echo dot to my room and I’ve been loving it. Now my kids want one in their room too!

DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball Training App- Looking for the perfect gift for a soccer-obsessed kid? This smart ball and app will give pointers on how to make your kicking more accurate!

Nintendo Labo- The Nintendo Switch is a very popular gaming system around here, but why not turn it into a STEM activity too? This kit will have your children practicing build and gaming at the same time.

Kano Coding Wand- Combine a love of Harry Potter with Coding and you have this adorable wand set. Let your little ones learn real spells and perform them with the flick of a wrist.

Looking for gift ideas for 2018? We've got 7 different gift guides including this awesome craft themed guide.

Craft Night

Harry Potter Paper Flyers- Another gift for my little guys that wants in on the Harry Potter crazy but is still a little young. He can build these flyers and enjoy playing with them long after the holidays are over.

Harry Potter Wreck This Journal- Wreck This Journal has been a craze for the middle grade set for awhile now, but they’ve recently started themeing the journals too. We love this Harry Potter one!

Klutz Sew Mini Treats- Don’t you want to just eat these little plush treats up? Any sewing lover will adore making these cuddly plushes and displaying them around their room.

Playz Bath Bombs- Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? I love the idea of letting kids make something they can enjoy in the bath! Even little kids need a bit of luxury every once in awhile.

Boogie Board Play and Trace-I LOVE these boogie board designed for little guys. They can trace letters, scribble, and doodle and then wipe the slate clean with the push of a button. Makes for a great non-tech travel toy too!

PSST: Can we also recommend our book and game pairs?

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