Is it Really Possible to Have an Organically Clean Home?

The Organically Clean Home by the clean mama's Becky Rapinchuk

Ugh. Cleaning. The least favorite task I have, but probably one of the most important. I never really cared what I used to clean my house until my first pregnancy when the smell of the faux lemon dishwasher detergent we used made me gag every time I smelled it. My heightened sense of smell caused me to detect the sharply chemical scent and my body had a very negative reaction to it. I puked…. a lot. Until finally I chucked the yucky stuff and switched to various eco-friendly alternatives in my quest to make an organically clean home.

The problem was, I never really found anything that I loved and all the “healthy” versions of cleaning products cost an arm and a leg. That’s why, when we decided that our January goal for the Beyond the Bookends Reading Challenge was a book that would change your daily life, I knew I wanted to tackle a book based on make-at-home organic cleaning. I decided to test out a recipe or two for you and report back on my findings. Is it possible to have an organically clean home without taking out a second mortgage? Let’s find out!

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The Book

When it comes to all things clean Becky Rapinchuk aka Clean Mama, has been dispensing wisdom and eco-friendly recipes on her blog since 2009. I knew that her book, The Organically Clean Home, was exactly what I needed to tackle my goal of a healthy clean home. I’ve had it on my shelf for quite some time and I finally dove in to see what all the fuss was about.

The Test

I wanted to choose a recipe to test from the book that was both incredibly helpful and also highly visual. In perusing the recipes, I came across her homemade silver polish and knew it was perfect. I haven’t cleaned my silver in the 10 year years since I got married which meant they were nice and tarnished. If the Organically Clean Home could handle these utensils, I knew we would be in business.

Silver on aluminum foil - a key step!!Baking Soda on the silver! Bubble bubble!!

Ready for the ease of this recipe? Here goes:

  1. Line a disposable aluminum foil tray with aluminum foil
  2. Lay the silver on top
  3. Sprinkle 1/4  to 1/2 cup of baking soda on top
  4. Pour boiling water on top – enough to cover the tops of the silverware
  5. Wait 10 minutes.
  6. Wash with soap and water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

*recipe from The Organically Clean Home by Becky Rapinchuck

You guys, it’s that easy. Beware though, the recipe says “watch the tarnish dissolve.” That did not happen to me, however, when I went to dry the silverware with the cloth, it came right off. The whole cloth was black and smudged with removed tarnish and my jaw was on the floor!!

Now check out the before and after!!!

Tarnished and in desperate need of a polish, can this eco-friendly cleaner help? Look at the shine on the fork after using this eco-friendly cleaning product! Psst. You already have it in your home!!

The Results

Look at that shine!!! Seriously! How amazing are those results? Using nothing I didn’t already have at home! I’ve also tried her recipes for carpet stain remover, the grout cleaner, and the hood filter cleaner – all of them work, but none showed up well enough to show you photos – Sorry!

Everything I’ve used so far I had on hand at home – lemon juice, distilled vinegar, baking soda and boiling water are the heaviest hitters. I intend to buy some Borax and Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap so I can make a few more recipes. Apparently, Lemon, Lavender, Clove, Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils are also useful to have on hand – as are the squirt bottles I used a few times already too.

I’m so happy I decided to give The Organically Clean Home a try. I don’t think I’ll ever be truly chemical free – some stains just call for heavy duty cleaning – but I do look forward to using up most of my chemical-laden bottles of cleaning solution and replacing them with homemade recipes.

So – What did you all read for this month’s reading challenge?

Is it Really Possible to Have an Organically Clean Home?The Organically Clean Home by Becky Rapinchuk
Published by Simon and Schuster on March 18th 2014
Genres: House & Home, Reference, General
Pages: 224
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