Local Literary Watering Hole: Main Point Books in Wayne, PA

Main Point Books Entrance

I had the pleasure of visiting Main Point Books in Wayne a few weeks ago.  It is a lovely book store that is right in the heart of Wayne’s shopping district.  It is pretty and bright with so many little nooks to sit and read.  The hour I spent in there  passed in the blink of an eye.

I love book stores. I could spend all day walking between the shelves with the smell of paper all around me.  Book stores are becoming less abundant than they once were.  While I would say that in general this is a bad thing, I think it has forced book stores to become more than they once were.  Main Point Books in Wayne has everything you could want in a store.

Reading spot at Main Point Books

As you walk in there is a great area of bookish gifts to your left.  I bought a fabulous pair of socks that very clearly state how I feel when I am reading!  To the right are new releases and book recommendations from the store’s staff.  In fact, there are little cards with notes about books all throughout the store.  I had an amazing time going up and down the different aisles.  Nobody bothered me as I pulled out book after book to read the descriptions and in some cases, the first few pages.  There are great big comfy chairs placed throughout the store for just this purpose.

Children's Section at Main Point Books

The children’s section is fantastic.  While it is not huge (this is not a children’s bookstore), it was filled with the best from picture books to middle grade choices.  I picked up a book for my 10 year old who is an avid reader and he LOVED it.  It was recommended by one of the woman who worked in the store.  It is called The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children, and Their Holy Dog by Adam Gidwitz

The same woman also recommended a book for me that I am currently reading.  It is called the Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish. I am completely entranced by this book- I can’t put it down despite its heft . All in all, I ended up with a very decent book haul.  I can’t wait to read the books that I bought especially Reading with Patrick: A Teacher, a Student and a Life -Changing Event by Michelle Kuo. I bought it especially for our September Reading challenge: Read a book from a new genre.


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