The Best Board Books You’ve Probably Never Heard of

13 Amazing Baby Books You've Never Heard of

Before we get into the best board books that you probably don’t know about, let’s chat about why reading to babies is important.  It may not seem that reading to a newborn is something new moms should focus on, but research shows that it is incredibly important.

Newborns appreciate the sound of your voice and they can pick up on the rhyming tones. The more words they are exposed to, the more they will be prepared when it’s time for them to start reading on their own.

Reading readiness is so important, that we have an entire post series dedicated to how parents can teach language and reading skills from birth to second grade.

The visuals in board books also introduce shapes, colors, and even letters to your little one. There are so many books to choose from and many of you are familiar with the classics, but we want to introduce you to some new favorites. We’ve chosen the best board books you’ve probably never heard of in the list below.

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The Best Board Books You've Never Heard of

The Best Board Books You Don’t Know About

I Kissed the Baby by Mary MurphyI kissed the Baby by Mary Murphy and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.

This black and white board book is perfect for newborns since they can only see black and white initially. Make it interactive by following the tasks talked about in the book – tickling, hugging, and kissing!


Look Look! by Peter LinenthalLook Look by Peter Linenthal and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.

The simple text mixed with Black and White high contrast photos also makes this a great book to read off the bat. My boys use to point and stare at each image as I repeated over and over again what they were seeing.

Baby Face by Margaret Miller and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.Baby Faces by Margaret Miller

Babies love to look at other babies! This book shows close-ups of other babies’ faces in various emotional states from stinky, to yucky, to boo-hoo.  Silly and fun, this book will ultimately help your own child learn about the different emotional cues.

Baby, Boo! by Beth Hardwood and Emma DoddBaby, Boo! by Emma Dodd and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.

My husband loved to read this to our little one over and over again. It’s peekaboo in a board book. There are black and white photos of other babies, then the baby goes missing and a mirror appears for your child to find themselves. The giggles this book produced from kids were the best!

Mama Mama by Jean Marzollo and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.Mama, Mama by Jean Marzollo

A sweet rhyming book about a mother’s love (or fathers if you get that version too.) Featuring mama and baby pairings from the animal kingdom this book allows you to point out new species to your little one.

Each Peach Pear Plum and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.Each Peach, Pear, Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

This adorable eye spy book has wonderful pictures, with nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters.  The rhyming makes is memorable and easy to recite.

What a Wonderful World by David Weiss and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.

What a Wonderful World by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss

Gorgeous pictures accompany the words to the famous song.  This book is a modern lullaby with a message of peace and love.

and Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson

An amazing story about two male penguins adopting a penguin. Adorable text and photos will expose your child to this unique and true story while also teaching a lesson that there are many different kinds of families.

The Napping House by Audrey Wood The Napping House by Audrey Wood

 An adorable book about the Napping house where everyone is sleeping.  There are hilarious pictures and a ton of repetition which is great for growing little minds.


Jamberry Jamberry by Bruce Degan

One Berry, Two Berry, Pick me a blueberry… I could recite this silly tale in my sleep. My kids would kick and coo whenever I read this rhyming story about a boy and a bear on a berry picking adventure.


Freight Train by Donald Crews and 12 other amazing baby books you've never heard of.Freight Train by Donald Crews

Bright colors and big pictures make this book perfect for little readers as they learn their colors.  Hop on board.


Spring is Here by Taro GomiSpring is Here by Taro Gomi

A wonderful tale that introduces the concept of seasons. Watch as the field changes through the year and the cow grows too! Beautiful illustrations make this a mommy favorite too.


I Like Fruit by Lorena Siminovich I like Fruit and I Like Vegetables by Lorena Siminovich

Any book that introduces children to healthy foods from an early age is OK in my book. Add in the lessons about colors in I like Fruit and also the lesson of opposites in I Like Vegetables and you have two winners. Oh! And did I mention these are textured and perfect for babies to explore with their fingers too?

So those are our favorites….and now my uterus hurts. The nostalgia I have for these books and the memories I have of each boy reading them is just too much! Someone give me a baby to hold!

Do you have any of these? What are we missing?

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