Jane Austen Gift Guide

Cookbooks That Make Packing School Lunches Bearable

The 3 best cookbook writers (and their collective works).

Wanna know my favorite part of summer? NOT HAVING TO PACK LUNCH! Seriously. People complain about the constant application of sunscreen or the extra laundry from towels and swimsuits.  But I would rather do 10 loads of laundry a day than pack a school lunch. That’s my truth. My kids go to a school that makes packing lunch VERY difficult – no tree nuts, peanuts, or meat. So basically I’m dealing with an egg or dairy protein situation and it can be challenging to come up with good meals every day. Last year, I called in the big guns to help inspire me – Lisa Leake and Catherine McCord. Continue reading “Cookbooks That Make Packing School Lunches Bearable”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

The 8 Best High School Reads & 2 to Pass on

The most exciting and engaging required reading from High School. Plus 2 high school reads we detest!

As we start thinking about school (*sigh) we can’t help thinking about the books that we read in high school. Some books we loved and shaped our tastes later in life. Others left a bad taste in our mouths. My love of reading came long before high school.  While some of my teachers fostered a life long love of learning, some teachers were just the opposite.  I definitely had some teachers who were grouchy and bored and seemed  to take joy in the failure of their students.  Not surprisingly, my least favorite books were taught by my least favorite teachers.  We decided to provide you with our top picks to read if you didn’t read them in high school.  And just for fun, we wanted to list our least favorite book as well. Continue reading “The 8 Best High School Reads & 2 to Pass on”