2 Newly Released Thrillers to Freak Out Moms Everywhere

16 Dragons Books for All Ages

George and the Dragon and 15 other dragon books for all age groups

This month, we have fairy tale fever. Between the recent release of Dragons Love Tacos 2, which we commemorated with a playroom inspired by the book, our favorite princess picture books, and next week’s storybook adventure location, we are going back to basics. Why do knights, princess, dragons, and castles inspire so much imagination? We aren’t sure, but we do know that our children are caught up in these types of fairy tales as much as we are. Dragons, in particular, seem to cross all age brackets and genders. We decided to compile the best dragon books for all ages to inspire the lords and ladies of your castle. Continue reading “16 Dragons Books for All Ages”

2 Newly Released Thrillers to Freak Out Moms Everywhere

Children’s Books about Egypt for All Ages

12 Children's Books about Egypt for all ages.

My boys have recently become OBSESSED with all things Egypt. It started with a slight interest this fall when we read a Magic Treehouse book that featured mummies, but it hit full scale this spring when they learned more at school. Then they received a Playmobil pyramid and Sphinx set for their birthdays and full scale Egyptian Fever was born. I can’t wait to take them to the Egypt galleries at Penn Museum this summer when school is out, but for now, I’m indulging them with books on the topic. Here are a dozen fun stories about Egypt and it’s culture that will inspire your child regardless of if they are newborns or pre-teens. Continue reading “Children’s Books about Egypt for All Ages”

2 Newly Released Thrillers to Freak Out Moms Everywhere

Pirate Books for All Ages

“Dinosailors have a ball, until their vessel hits a squall.” – Deb Lund, Dinosailors

Looking for the best pirate books for your child? We've got you covered from baby to middle grade readers with pirate books for all ages!

Pirates are always fun to read about from board books to the classics.  The daring adventures on the sea, escapes and captures and the search for buried treasure captivates children and adults alike.  What would the Princess Bride be without Continue reading “Pirate Books for All Ages”