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The War That Saved My Life & 16 Other Difficult Topic Tween Books

The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubacker Bradley.

The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley is a middle grade fiction that reached me on on emotional level.  I love this book and it is proof to me that book geared toward children can be smart, well -written and emotional while still being completely engaging. We’ve also crafted a list of 16 other emotional middle grade reads that cover subjects like displaced children, WWII and survivor stories. These stories can be hard to read at times, but are important topics to discussion with your child.
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Jane Austen Gift Guide

Best Books about School for All

,The Best Books about School for preschool to college aged kids.

Every time we look at the calendar we are shocked to see the summer is almost over (heavy sigh). Previously, we did a post that introduced going to school to your youngest child, but what about getting your older kid’s ready to head back? Some kids look forward to the start of the school year while others dread the end of summer. Getting them ready to head back can be as simple as finding a funny book or two! My personal favorites are those in the Wayside School Series. I use to laugh for hours reading them, but we have a ton of other fun books to get your kids ready for the grind! Continue reading “Best Books about School for All”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

July Little Library: What Our Kids are Reading This Month

The 8 children's books on repeat in our house. From classics to picture books to banned books. There is something for every child this month!

Much like last month’s Little Library, we wanted to share the books that have been at the top of our kid’s reading lists.    This month we discuss a banned book, a classic series narrated by a celebrity, a few picture books and the chapter books our kids are most enjoying. Continue reading “July Little Library: What Our Kids are Reading This Month”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

“The Snowy Day” at Philadelphia Zoo’s New WINTER Exhibit

Snowy Day at the Philadelphia Zoo

There is not a single person I know who is surprised when I want to visit the Philadelphia Zoo. Not only is it my favorite place in the city, but it’s also my former place of employment. Maybe that makes me a little biased, but based on the sheer number of my friends that have a membership, I know I’m not alone in my love for this historic attraction. And with the Philadelphia Zoo’s new Winter exhibit, I bet YOU will be planning a visit soon too. Continue reading ““The Snowy Day” at Philadelphia Zoo’s New WINTER Exhibit”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

16 Dragons Books for All Ages

George and the Dragon and 15 other dragon books for all age groups

This month, we have fairy tale fever. Between the recent release of Dragons Love Tacos 2, which we commemorated with a playroom inspired by the book, our favorite princess picture books, and next week’s storybook adventure location, we are going back to basics. Why do knights, princess, dragons, and castles inspire so much imagination? We aren’t sure, but we do know that our children are caught up in these types of fairy tales as much as we are. Dragons, in particular, seem to cross all age brackets and genders. We decided to compile the best dragon books for all ages to inspire the lords and ladies of your castle. Continue reading “16 Dragons Books for All Ages”