Bookish Room: Dragons Love Tacos Inspired Boho Playroom

A playroom inspired by the hysterical Dragons Love Tacos books? Think Taco poufs, boho prints and plenty of colorful fringe!

Taco Tuesday is a frequent occurrence in my house. My kids love how fun it is to make their own taco creations and they often ask me to read Dragons Love Tacos to them. Naturally, we ordered Dragons Love Tacos 2 the moment we heard about. The newest story is as funny as the first. This version involves time-travel, taco trees (why aren’t these a real thing?) and of course, dragons chowing down on tacos. In honor of its recent release, we’ve decided to create a Dragons Love Tacos inspired boho playroom. This room is eclectic, colorful and perfect for anyone to kick back and play in! Looking for a boho playroom with a fun twist? Taco poufs and pom-pom pillows make a cosy, quirky place for kids to play!

Dragons Love Tacos Inspired Boho Playroom

The  Casablanca Rug  anchors the room and brings in all the colors of the room! A Rattan Daybed piled high with pillows takes center stage as a comfy place to snuggle up for a story and can double as a bed when guests sleep over. The Oversized Blue Pillow, Oversized Sweaterknit Yellow Pillow, Oversized Red Pillow and Love Pillow bring in the fun, festive feel of a Mexican fiesta!

Dragon Art gives the first nod to the storybook and special seating for the kids in the form of Taco Poufs (why did these not exist when I was a child?) help reinforce the theme. Picture stringing these Festival Tassels around the room to add some ambiance.

Book and Toy storage is a must and this modern Bookcase is perfect for toys of all sizes. Speaking of toys, I love when a toy can double as decor. The artistic, beautiful lines of this Cactus Puzzle fit the bill perfectly. The Dragon Rocking Chair is just as fun and the Sleeping Dragon and Tacos art print (just $6!) is literally perfect for the room!

Last but not least, this TeePee mimics the pencil drawings of the Dragon Loves Tacos series and doubles as an excellent dragon lair. The fringed Large and Small Floor Bins add extra storage for blankets, pillows or clutter!

Did you love Dragons Love Tacos 2 as much as we did? Would you ever buy taco poufs or sleeping dragon prints?


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