Our Kids’ 17 Favorite Picture Books of 2017

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After reading so many picture books this year, I have to say that I feel like there was a shift in the amazing books available.  Together as a family, we read so many books about social issues, books that are biographical,  as well as books that had deep emotional meaning.  Some of those have become favorites with their vivid pictures and wonderful plots.  Other books are the sweet books you can read every night before bed and others are just hilarious books that appeal to adults and kids alike.  We decided to put together a list of our kids’ picks for their favorite picture books of 2017.  

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Nico Draws a FeelilngNico Draws a Feeling by Robert Raczka

There are so many wonderful things about this book.  Nico loves to draw but he doesn’t draw like the other kids do.  He draws what he feels inside.  If only we could all express ourselves this way. My kindergartener loved it so much that he asked me to read it to his class.

28560944Bunny’s Book Club by Annie Silvestro

Bunny loves listening to the librarian read books outside in the summer but, when fall rolls around, she is nowhere to be found.  Can bunny figure out a way to read? We learned about this from our local indie bookstore when they invited us to their review of the best kids books of the year.

the legend of rock paper scissors by drew daywaltLegend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt

Did you ever wonder how the game rock, paper, scissors started? Not to fret, this hilarious book will tell you everything you need to know about this epic battle.

hattie and hudson by chris van dusenHattie and Hudson by Chris Van Dusen

Unlike the usual books of Mr. Van Dusen that are centered around a boy and written in rhyme, this touching story about friendship is the story of Hattie and her unlikely friend. Full review here!

rulers of the playground by joseph kueflerRulers of the playground by Joseph Kuefler

It’s hard to decide who loves this story most. My kids love it for the funny costumes and silly lessons of learning to play nicely on the playground. I love it for the subtle lessons on politics. We love it so much that it inspired a bookish adventure last spring!

bruces big move by ryan t higginsBruce’s Big Move by Ryan T. Higgins

The third book in the Mother Bruce series was so eagerly anticipated by my littles they asked me to preorder it! Grumpy Bruce is as lovable as in previous books with an added addition of three jolly mice! Lighthearted fun, this is a book to be read over and over and over and…

dragons love tacos 2 the sequel by adam rubinDragons Love Tacos 2 by Adam Rubin

There is a shortage of tacos!! When the main characters travel back in time to stop the house fire from the first book, hilarity ensues! We loved it so much we designed a playroom inspired by it!

creepy pair of underwear by aaron reynoldsCreepy Pair of Underwear by Aaron Reynolds 

Bunny needs new underwear and settles on a very special pair.  This book is hilarious but also has a very endearing way of looking at fears.

pocket full of colors by amy guglielmojacqueline tourvillePocket Full of Colors by Amy Guglielmo

The pictures in this book are captivating, the colors are brilliant but, the best part is that it is true.  Based on the story of Mary Blair, this story tells how one woman broke the mold and created “It’s a Small World”.

not quite narwhal by jessie simaNot Quite Narwhal by Jessica Sima

Narwhal isn’t sure where he belongs because he has never quite fit in. He cannot swim like the rest of the narwhals and he certainly doesn’t look like them either.   When he meets some unicorns, he is even more confused about who he is.  Narwhal makes a wonderful discovery about who he is.  This story is sweet and endearing.

mighty mighty construction site by sherri duskey rinkerMighty, Mighty Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker

If you have boys, you know about (and probably own) Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. The sequel came out this year, introducing 4 more characters to the construction crew. Little boys will adore it!

the giant jumperee by julia donaldsonThe Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson

All the animals are terrified of the giant jumperee who is hiding in rabbit’s hole.  When mama frog comes to help, will she be able to do what nobody else could and get the giant jumperee out of rabbit’s house? We laugh out loud every time we read this book.

were all wonders by r j palacioWe’re All Wonders by R.J. Palacio

This book tells the story of wonder in a way that is appropriate for little ones.  Without being scary or intimidating, the simple prose addresses the difficult topic of differences.  The small element of imagination makes this story light enough that is can be read over and over.

morris mole by dan yaccarinoMorris the Mole by Dan Yaccarino

Morris is unlike his brothers. He is smaller and thinks outside the box. But, it is tiny Morris who solves a big problem and proves that little people can do big things.

animal ark by kwameAnimal Ark by Kwame Alexander

The pictures in this book are phenomenal. We read this book over and over and continue to discover new things.

i dont draw i color by adam lehrhauptI Don’t Draw, I Color by Adam Lehrhaupt

This is the second book we have on the list about kids expressing themselves through their art. The book is sweet and has a great message.

thelma the unicorn by aaron blabeyThelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey

Thelma has always wanted to be a unicorn. When a truck full of sparkles and glitter fall on her, she has the chance to live the life she has always dreamed but, will it be everything she hoped?

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The best picture books of 2017 as chosen by children's book experts - our kids!! Funny, endearing, and just plain goofy books that are the best 2017 has to offer.

The best picture books of 2017 as chosen by children's book experts - our kids!!

17 kids 3

There is our list of the best picture books of 2017. Amazing, funny, silly and emotional book as chosen by our kids.
Popular picks and some less known books.  There is something for everyone with these great pics!

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  1. Thanks Jackie and Kirsten! Both of you know how i love to incorporate a social and emotional side to books I read to my class! Check out Not the Quitting Kind. Love this book!