Bookish Things: Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 7 Different Kinds of Moms

Mother's Day Gift Guide for 7 Different Kinds of Moms

Mothers Day – That special day that celebrates all the wonderful things that Moms do for their families. This holiday means so much to both Jackie and me, but sometimes it can be a bit daunting for others. Its so hard to pick the perfect give to show the most important women in your life how much you care. We hope to make your life a touch easier with this Gift Guide for 7 Different Kinds of Moms. Truly you will find something for every mom on your list!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Grandmothers and 6 other types of moms.Gifts for Grandmom

NixPlay Digitial Picture Frame -Perfect for Grandmom to display all those pictures without having to worry about switching frames.  Simply plug in a USB or and SD card and the frame does the rest. You can also send photos from anywhere in the world, so the g-rents will always have the most updated shots!

Audible Membership you get 2 books free!  This is perfect for grandparents on the go or those whose eyesight might be easily strained by reading.

The Book of Me – Now that I am older and I know longer have my grandmothers, I wish I had a book like this. It is filled with questions for Grandmom to answer.  It will provide such a wonderful keepsake.

Grandmom Mug– Give Grandmom a chance to brag about her grandchildren.  She deserves it!

Grandchild Birthstone Charm Necklace – This necklace is subtle and beautiful.  Its a modern version of the necklace my grandmother used to wear.  

Little Passports Subscription – Want something special for your kids to do with their grandmother? You can order this adorable monthly box to Grandmom’s house and know your kids will have special time doing these activities.  And no additional planning is required.

Gift Guide for Animal Moms and 6 other mom typesGifts for the Animal Mom

Fish Mom Mug – This mug is hilarious.  After all, why should fish mom’s be left out of Mother’s Day festivities!

Furbabies Keychain – Furbabies love unconditionally and definitely do not talk back.  This keychain  is adorable and functional!

What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Suess – Dr. Seuss is hilarious and this book does not disappoint.  Perfect for every pet parent.

Paw Print and Initial Bracelet – Furry pets are often the center of the home.  This bracelet is so cute and can be personalized with the initial of your little pooch (or pooches).

Love Pawprint Sweatshirt – This sweatshirt is adorable, snuggly and perfect for a pet mom!!!

A Dogs Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron or The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth SteinThese are two wonderful books that are definite reads for any dog lover.  Warning: A Dog’s Purpose is a wonderful tear jerker!

Gift Guide for New moms and 6 other mom types.

Gifts for the New Mom

Mama Bear and Man Cub shirts – Perfect for a new mom who wants to match her tiny tike. These shirts are adorable and funny! 

Oversized Letter Necklace– Sport your little one’s initial in a major way. Funky, but elegant at the same time. I love how the letters hang asymmetrically.

Go the F*ck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach – We have all been there- the lack of sleep, the exhaustion. This hilarious book sounds so sweet but expressed the innermost thoughts that our children should just go the f*ck to sleep.

Mom Mug – New mom equals the need for caffeine.  Nothing is better than a cute mug for the endless cups of caffeine.

Blue Apron – With a choice of menu, all the ingredients and the recipe, Blue Apron could not be more simple or more helpful to a new mom.  I mean, you don’t even have to go shopping!!! We all know how impossible it is to shop with a newborn in a carseat.  For the first 5 people to email me at, I will send you a code for your first order FREE!!!!  Thats 2 meals for 4 people or 3 meals for 2 people.  

Kindle Paperwhite – This was my life-saver though the sleepless nights of feeding a baby.  The paperwhite  has an adjustable backlight which means that you can read while baby is sleeping without disturbing him/her.  I figured if I had to be up I might as well read instead of staring into darkness. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Mom and 6 other Mom types!

Gifts for Every Mom

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner – This is the perfect planner for mom.  This planner has plenty of space to write in everyone’s activities including your own.  

Popsugar Must Have Box -Popsugar has put together a monthly box for $40 per month.  Its filled with adorable must-haves for mom.  For May there is a Kate Spade photo album, an eco friendly watermelon lunch box and so many more adorable items.  It definitely adds a little extra to the ordinary.

Mom Life Coloring Book and Colored Pencils – When is the last time you sat down and colored? It’s easy to forget how fun and relaxing it is.  This book is hilarious.  

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – Make yourself happy one day and one month at a time.  This book explores one woman’s quest to happiness. 

Custom Family Cell Phone Case – This case is so cute and a reminder of your “perfect” family.

Amazon Echo -This fantastic little device is like mommy’s little helper.  Alexa will add things to a grocery list, play music, read books, answer questions, tell you the news and the weather.  I could go on but is it really necessary?

Mothers Day Gift Guide for Working Moms and 6 other Mom types!

Gifts for the Working Mom

The Fresh 20 Cookbook by Melissa Lanz -Every working mom knows the hassle of trying to find the time to grocery shop and cook dinner for a family.  My issue is trying to decide what to make without making the same thing every week. This cookbook is so amazing for solving that problem.  Twenty ingredients equals 5 weeknight meals!!! Woohoo, mom for the win.

GirlBoss Mug – This mug speaks for itself.  A little bit sassy with a whole lot of functionality.  What mom doesn’t need to be reminded how awesome she is?

Lo and Sons Seville Tote – Remember when you were a kid and you saw Mary Poppins? You wanted her bag right? This tote is the equivalent.  It holds everything- a tablet, computer, wallet, books, you name it! And it looks great too.

Erin Condren Life Planner – Don’t even get me started on how much I love my planner.  I know that phones have great calendars in them but, what happens when your phone dies? Notice how I said when, not if.  I actually use my phone as my back up.  This planner has everything to keep a working mom organized.  There are multiple color options, layout options in addition to plenty of space to keep track of everyone’s crazy schedules.  

Frends Headphones – These headphones are super cute in addition to being so functional.  I don’t know about you, but the minute I try and do anything that does not revolve around my kids they have a radar that screams “must call my mother”. These headphones are not only great for listening to music and audiobooks (think commute) but, they are great for blocking out the sound of yelling children.

Audible Membership you get 2 books free!  I recently discovered the joy of audiobooks.  You can listen while you do all those tasks that are a must but not fun.  Have a long commute? Stuck in traffic? An audiobook is such a great way to pass the time!

Mothers Day Gift Guide for Glam Moms...and 6 other mom types.

Gifts for the Glam Mom

The Beachwaver –  I have seen first hand how this handy little device creates perfect waves day in and day out.  Apparently it is goof proof which is defiantly a plus.  

Beaches by Gray Malin–  This gorgeous book has pictures of some of the most glamorous beaches in the world.  Beautifully done, the images speak for themselves.

Say Bonjour to the Lady: Parenting from Paris to New York by Florence Mars & Pauline Leveque: This hilarious book highlights some of the differences between parenting in The United States of American and France.  Perfect for the glam mom whose kids probably know all the French rules!

BirchBox This is perfect for the mom who loves to try products and pamper herself.  Its also perfect for the mother who needs to feel pampered.  It’s also the gift that keeps on giving.  You received 5 beauty samples for only $10 a month!

Prynt Case Photo Printer for Iphone 6/6sThis case is amazing.  It’s perfect for rescuing those fantastic pictures that would otherwise be stuck in the phone forever! This case essentially turns your phone into a poloroid.  How fantastic is that?

Book of the Month Club– Jackie and I have been very happy members of book of the month club for the last few months.  This club allows you to choose a new, hard back book each month often before the release date.  If no books interest you, you can skip a month.  Or you can buy multiple books with each additional book for only $9.99. New members can get Paula Hawkins new book for FREE!!!!!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Healthy Moms and 6 other types of Moms!

Gifts for the Healthy Mom

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood -I have been wanting to try aromatherapy and have heard such great things about the miracles of essential oils.  This is the perfect book to get started.

Rocky Mountain Oils Mom’s Essential Starter – These 100% natural essential oils will help mom with calming lavender, myrtle for wellness, peppermint for energy, grapefruit for natural cleaning along with 6 other bottles.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – There is no better way to infuse calm into a crazy household than with an essential oil diffuser.  This one even looks pretty.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed – If you have ever thought that you need to get up and go somewhere alone, you are not the only one.  As a matter of fact, I think every mother has felt that way at some point.  It is at this precise moment that you should read this book.  It might make you appreciate your bed (even if you aren’t getting very much sleep in it). This book was an eye opener.  

Frostbeard Studios Book Candle Sample Set – I can’t think of a better smell than the smell of books.  And yes, there is a candle for that- and everything else book related.  You have to see to believe.

Gold Dipped Amethyst Air Plant Holder -This is such a pretty way to add some green to your house.  Air plants are really easy to care for and so cute.  The amethyst is a bonus.


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