Local Literati: Interview with Hallee Adelman

Interview with Hallee Adelman

I learned about author Hallee Adelman’s first book from my son’s preschool director (Hi Debbie!) when she asked me if I could pick up a copy for her at Children’s Book World. Her story, My Quiet Ship, is heartbreaking and empowering for kiddos in a difficult situation. 

After grabbing the book and taking a look at the message, I just knew I had to have her as our next local literati. Hallee shares what inspired her to write her book, her favorite Philly hot spots, and more!

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Local Literati Hallee Adelman

An Interview with Hallee Adelman

Where did you go to High School? Lower Moreland

What was your favorite High School required read? The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne 

What is your favorite restaurant in Philly? Double Knot and Distrito 

What is your favorite hidden gem in Philly? The Mutter Museum of medical specimens and oddities (some of which date back to 1858)

What is your favorite childhood memory of this area? Running through the heart at the Franklin Institute and playing pick-up games (like wall ball and wire ball) with the kids on my block

What is your ideal Sunday Funday? Spending time with my family

What do you love most about Philly? That it is the City of Brotherly Love.

What is your favorite bookstore in Philly? My favorite bookstore near Philly is Children’s Book World!!

What are some of your favorite reads? 

What is the last book you read? Potato Pants by Laura Keller and Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo (Yes, I read multiple books at the same time and these two were amazing.

Where is your favorite place to read? In my car because…I LOVE listening books on Audible especially The Frame Up by Wendy McLeod MacKnight Narrated by Bronson Pinchot and The Dented Head of Joey Pigza Written & Narrated by Jack Gantos and Far from the Tree by Robin Benway Narrated by Julia Whelan!!  

What’s on your nightstand? The arc for Jennifer Robin Barr’s amazing upcoming MG novel, Goodbye, Mr. SpaldingHey, Kiddo by Jarrett KrosoczaIn Your Shoes by Donna GephartPoe Won’t Go by Kelly DiPucchio illus by Zachariah Ohora; The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry, MD; Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

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Name 5 things you can’t live without: Creativity, kindness, family, dark chocolate, and hope.

What inspired you to write My Quiet Ship?  Everyone has sounds they wish they could quiet down. Vacuum cleaners. Thunder. Lightening. When I was younger, I wished I could quiet the sound of my parents’ yelling. 

Though I can recall many nice childhood memories, when I think about the yelling, I can still feel that worried drop in my stomach. Like Quinn from the book, I would go under my corner desk and pretend to blast off with my stuffed animal crew.

When volunteering in classrooms, many children spoke about the yelling in their homes. Kids Health by Nemours suggests, “…the best thing to do is to stay out of the argument and go somewhere else in the house to get away from the fighting or arguing. So go to your room, close the door, find something else to do…”

I wanted to share the idea of a Quiet Ship with all children, and let them know that if they feel scared or sad by yelling in their homes, they are not alone.

And the most important…

Coffee or tea? Tea!!

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