Mani Book Club: Gorgeous Olive & June Spring 2022 and New Reads

Olive & June Spring 2022 collection and book pairings.

The Olive & June Spring 2022 collection is here and we are thrilled!! It’s full of pretty pastels and English tea-inspired colors.

Basically, it’s our dream collection. We knew immediately which Spring new book releases worked for each color, so let’s get right into it.

If you are new to Olive & June, take a look at our full review of the system that got us HOOKED on at-home manicures. Neither of us could paint our nails until O&J’s outstanding kits and tutorials came into our lives.

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Olive and June Spring 2022 Nail Polishes
Olive & June Spring 2022 polish colors from left top: Cucumber Sandwich, Jam, Please, The Queen Takes Her Tea with Milk, Golden Afternoon, Strawberry Scones, and You’re Invited.

Spring 2022 Olive & June Nail Polish and Book Pairings

There is a little something about each of these books that we wanted to pair with the Olive & June Spring 2022 collection. Whether it was the color of the cover or the content within the pages, we adore the combos below.

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Woman on Fire and Cucumber Sandwich
Woman on fire

Woman on Fire by Lisa Barr

Buckle up for a stunning story in Lisa Barr’s newest book, Woman on Fire. Jules, an ambitious investigative journalist, is working on a story about a piece of art that was stolen by the Nazis during WWII. 

But she’s not the only one looking to track down Woman on Fire. Margaux, a gallerist and art thief, also wants to get her hands on the painting.

As we learn the origins of the painting and the many hands it switched to over the years, we also discover the dark underbelly of the art world. 

I was ENTHRALLED. I’ll be putting this on every must-read list we do this year. It was thrilling and informative. Buy it now, thank me later.

We love Woman on Fire paired with the fresh green of Cucumber Sandwich. The color is a perfect match for the cover and the thrilling story is as enthralling as this color.

Homicide and Halo-Halo and You're Invited
Homicide and Halo Halo

Homicide and Halo-Halo (A Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery) by Mia P. Manansala

In this second Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery, threats have been made at a beauty pageant and Lila Macapagal has her eyes open and sleuthing goggles on and ready to go.

This mystery is definitely not as light-hearted as the first in the series as Lila is dealing with issues from PTSD to reliving her own past as a beauty pageant contestant.

When there is a murder and Lila’s cousin Bernadette is the primary suspect, Lila makes sure that family comes first. There is a lot of growth in the characters in this second book. It ends on a happy note which gives a nice balance to some of the heavier topics.

Homicide and Halo-Halo goes well with the playful lilac of You’re Invited. Jackie adored the richness of this mystery and this color is her favorite from the Olive & June Spring 2022 collection!

Truth and Other Lies and Strawberry Scone nail polish from the Spring 2022 Olive and June Collection.
Truth and other Lies and more February 2022 Novel Ideas

Truth and Other Lies by Maggie Smith

Three women’s lives become interlinked when the journalist Megan returns home to Chicago. She moves in with her republican mother, who is running for office, and starts working for her liberal journalist icon.

Soon she’s navigating the dark underbelly of journalism, hidden internet trolls, and political rivalries. The story was compelling, but the writing wasn’t great. I never felt like the story hooked me.

And the ending, while realistic, wasn’t as satisfying that I wanted.

Truth and Other Lies goes well with Strawberry Scone from the Olive & June Spring 2022 collection. Strawberry Scone is a beautiful pink sheer that is as elegant as the women in this story.

The Summer Place and Jam, Please nail polish from the Spring 2022 Olive and June Collection.
That Summer Place

The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner

The Summer Place is Jennifer Weiner at her absolute best. This story is about a family with so many moving parts and so many secrets, but, they are relatable at the same time.

After living together at her dad and stepmom’s house for a year in NYC, Ruby and her boyfriend are getting married. One-by-one secrets are revealed which keeps you turning the pages and wondering if the family can stay together.

Why We Like it: Jennifer is the queen of the beach read and this one is non-stop fun. It is the book equivalent of a soap opera. Every character has secrets that will be exposed.

Find this book in Ultimate Beach Reads 2022

Jam, Please, from the Olive & June Spring 2022 collection, is a gorgeous soft magenta and the perfect pedicure color. Pair it with The Summer Palace (it matches the float on the cover) for the perfect poolside read.

In a Garden Burning Gold and Golden Afternoon nail polish from the Spring 2022 Olive and June Collection.
In a Garden Burning Gold

In A Garden Burning Gold by Rory Power

This is the first book in a fantasy duopoly that will leave you ready for the next book. Rhea and Lexos are twins born to a family that has ruled for centuries using magic and paints the stars, changes the seasons, and can cause death by uttering a name.

Their father is a tyrant who has a tedious grip on his power and no willingness to accept it. Rhea and Lexos are trying to keep the family together but magic, lies, and deceit will take their toll.

The writing in this book is so vivid, the plot is fast-paced and the descriptions of magic feel the same as those in The Night Circus. This young adult fantasy book was hard to put down.

Golden Afternoon, from the Olive & June Spring 2022 collection, is a sunny marigold that is as vibrant as the fantasy story woven between the pages of In A Garden Burning Gold.

All the Queen's Men and The Queen Takes Her Tea with Milk  nail polish from the Spring 2022 Olive and June Collection.
All the Queens Men

All the Queen’s Men by SJ Bennett

Her Majesty, The Queen, is back to solving mysteries in what is quickly becoming my new favorite mystery series.

After a painting goes missing Queen Elizabeth II and her assistant Private Secretary, Rosie, are on the case! As Rosie does the legwork to uncover the painting, people start turning up dead at Buckingham Palace.

Can the Queen use her cunning to solve the case from her throne? You bet she can and quicker than I was able to solve the case.

All The Queen’s Men is quite literally the perfect pairing for Olive & June Spring 2022 collection‘s The Queen Takes Her Tea with Milk. The milky sheer mauve is delightfully tea colored and Kirsten’s favorite shade of the collection.

The Spring 2022 Olive and June manicure system box.

What’s in the Olive & June Spring 2022 Manicure Kit?

In addition to the gorgeous nail polish colors we discussed above, the Olive and June system comes in the stunning floral box pictures above. It also comes with a limited edition mint poppy and a floral pouch.

Manicure System contains the following tools as well.:

  1. Straight-edge clippers
  2. A dual-sided nail file
  3. Nail buffer
  4. Polish remover pot
  5. Clean-up brush
  6. Poppy
  7. Cuticle serum
  8. Super Glossy Top Coat
  9. Plus the Olive and June nail polish of your choice (1 or 6)

Get our full take on the manicure system in our Olive & June review post.

Olive and June Spring 2022 collection and book pairings.

Which Olive & June Spring 2022 polish and book pairing are you most excited to get your hands on?

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