24 Most Anticipated New February 2023 Book Releases by Genre

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24 Most Anticipated New February 2023 Book Releases by Genre 28

The February 2023 book releases are the perfect mix of books for winter 2023. There are so many amazing books on this list of our most anticipated February new books.

Whether literary fiction is your thing or you love a romance (in time for Valentine’s Day), this list has a little something for everyone. We scoured hundreds of books and had a hard time narrowing it down to these 24 books. Did we include your most anticipated new book?

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24 Most Anticipated New February 2023 Book Releases by Genre 29

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Most Anticipated February 2023 Book Releases: Fiction

Love Scribe by Amy Meyerson

Love Scribe by Amy Meyerson

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Alice writes a story for her best friend Gabby. She wants to cheer her up after a break-up Inexplicabley, Gabby meets the man of her dreams. Thinking the story is magic, Gabby gives it to her friends who also find love. Now, Alice must learn to harness her gift and if she opened up her heart, perhaps there is a love story waiting for her as well.

The Friendship Breakup and more February 2023 book releases

The Friendship Breakup by Annie Cathryn

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Fallon is a mother of one and trying to figure things out with the help of her mom friends. So when her best friend starts to ghost her, she decides to try and win them back. Fallon realizes that in order to move forward, she has to address the issues of her past.

someone elses shoes

Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Nisha Cantor lives a glamorous and wealthy lifestyle and is determined to keep up with that lifestyle even after her husband announces he is filing for divorce. Sam Kemp is at a low point in her life when she accidentally takes Nisha’s bag from the gym. The fabulous Louboutins within makes her realize that something has to change.

sweet spot

The Sweet Spot by Amy Peoppel

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Lauren and her family live in a brownstone in Greenwich Village. Olivia works in a trendy boutique and Melinda has just been dumped by her husband of thirty years. The three women are brought together when Melinda’s husband and mistress travel across the country and leave their baby behind. Now the three women try to track down the parents while finding the village and the love they deserve.

Varina Palladinos Jersery Italian Love Story

Varina Palladino’s Jersey Italian Love Story: A Novel by Terri-Lynne DeFino

Genre: Family Drama

Plot: Varina Paladino has a loud Jersey Italian family. Much to her 92-year-old mother’s dismay, she is not interested in dating. Silvia, with the help of her granddaughter, concocts a plan to find Varina a husband. But, the three men of the family are each planning their own life changes and this will throw off the whole plan.

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February 2023 Book Releases:Historical Fiction

Code Name Sapphire by Pam Jenoff  and more February 2023 book releases

Code Name Sapphire: A World War 2 Novel by Pam Jenoff

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Inspired by the true stories of WWII, this is a story about love, family, loyalty, and sacrifice. In 1942 Hannah Martel has narrowly escaped Nazi Germany. Now, she must go back and join a secret resistance network to save her family. When she finds that they are bound for Auschwitz on a train she must decide what she is willing to do to save them. We love Pam Janoff and this is one of the February 2023 book releases we cannot wait to read.

the house of eve

The House of Eve by Sadeqa Johnson

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: From the award-winning author of Yellow Wife, a daring, beautiful, and redemptive novel that explores what it means to be a woman and a mother, and how much one is willing to sacrifice to achieve her greatest goal.

The porcelain moon

The Porcelain Moon: A Novel of France, the Grear War, and Forbidden Love by Janie Chang

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot:From the critically acclaimed author of The Library of Legends comes a vividly rendered novel set in WWI France about two young women—one Chinese, one French—whose lives intersect with unexpected, potentially dangerous consequences.

The woman with the cure

The Woman with the Cure by Lynn Cullen

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This historical fiction is based on the true story of Dorothy Horstmann, the woman who stopped the Polio pandemic. In the 1940s and 1950s, Polio was a terrifying disease that killed or paralyzed children. Dorothy wanted to find a vaccine, not engage in a competition. She was forced to decide what could and should be sacrificed for a cure.

Marvelous and more February 2023 book releases

Marvelous by Molly Greeley

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot:A mesmerizing novel set in the French royal court of Catherine de’ Medici during the Renaissance, which recreates the touching and surprising true story behind the Beauty and the Beast legend, from the acclaimed author of The Clergyman’s Wife and The Heiress

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Most Anticipated February 2023 Book Releases: Fantasy / Sci-fi

Stone Blind and more February 2023 book releases

Stone Blind by Natalie Haynes

Genre: Fantasy Greek Mythology Retelling

Plot: This novel is a reconstruction of the story of Medusa who was transformed into the monster we all know as a punishment for being assaulted by Poseidon. The age-old story in which women are blamed for the actions of powerful men is masterfully told in this new book.

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi and more  February 2023 book releases

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: In this fairy-tale-like romantic fantasy, a man who believes in fairy tales marries a beautiful woman named Indigo. When she hears that her aunt is dying, the couple heads back to the family home. There, the groom finds himself drawn to the edge of reality and fantasy. Inside the walls of the family house, lurks the memories of Azure, Indigo’s best friend who disappeared suddenly. Slowly, secrets are revealed that might threaten their marriage.

Nocture and more February 2023 book releases

Nocturne by Alyssa Wees

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: A talented ballerina is torn between her dreams and her desires in 1930s Chicago. Grace is a prima ballerina who has attracted the attention of a patron. What does he want from her? This fantasy is one of the February 2023 book releases we cannot wait to read.

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Most Anticipated February 2023 Book Releases: Mysteries and Thrillers

stone cold

Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft

Genre: Thriller

Plot: After spending a lifetime conning men with tutelage from her mother, Bea is ready to engage her ultimate and last target- the uber-rich, Collin Case. Bea knows that she can get the ring but what she really wants is the approval of Collin’s friends and family, particularly Collin’s best friend, Gale. What starts as a fun game quickly becomes dangerous and Bea has to decide what she is willing to do to get what she wants.

I Have Some Questions for you by Rebecca Makkai and more February 2023 book releases

I Have Some Questions for You by Rebecca Makkai

Genre: Thriller

Plot: This is a brand new thriller from the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award Finalist author of The Great Believers. Bodie Cane is a film professor who wishes she could forget her past at a boarding school where a classmate was murdered. Now, she has been invited to return and lecture and she cannot stop feeling that she may have known more about the murder than she originally thought

The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz and more February 2023 book releases

The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz

Genre: Mystery/ Thriller

Plot: Alex has almost given up her dream of being a writer when she is invited to a month-long writing retreat by a famous horror writer. When she arrives, she is told that she must, along with the other attendees, must write a novel in during the retreat and the best novel will win a huge publishing deal. When strange things start happening and people start disappearing, Alex must save herself.

The Angel Make by Alex North and more February 2023 book releases

The Angel Maker by Alex North

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Katie Shaw had everything she wanted until a stranger changed the fate of the family forever. Now, with a child of her own, Katie is having a hard time differentiating between real vs imagined threats. Then, she gets a call that her brother Chris, once the victim of violence has gone missing. When a horrible attack happens, the leads point to Chris and a notorious serial killer. This thriller is one of the February 2023 book releases that I cannot wait to read.

Its one of us

It’s One of Us by JT Ellison

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Olivia Bender wants nothing more than to be a mother but all of her attempts keep failing. Then, the police come to deliver news to Olivia and her husband, Park. Park’s son is the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Park reveals that he donated sperm years ago and has no idea how many children he may have. Now, Olivia must decide if she can hold PArk accountable for fathering a murderer, especially since she has so many secrets of her own.

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February 2023 Book Releases: Romance

secretly yours

Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey

Genre: Romance

Plot: Opposites attract in this newest romance from Tessa Bailey. Hallie has thought about Julian ever since their almost kiss at 14. Now, Hallie is revamping the gardens in his family’s vineyard and in a drunken impulse, let Julian a secret admirer letter. Julian is on sabbatical from his job as a professor and he cannot get Hallie off his mind even if he cannot afford a distraction while trying to write his book.

Just my Type

Just My Type by Falon Ballard

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Lana Parker is a serial monogamist who bounces from one long-term relationship to another. She even has a dating column on a trendy website. When she suddenly finds herself single and pitted against her high school ex who cannot stay in a relationship for any length of time, to land her dream job. The problem? She is pitted against her ex who wants the same job. They both must write out of their comfort zones to land the job. She has to write about being single and he has to write about a steady relationship.

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February 2023: Best Non-Fiction Book Releases

The Curse of the Marquis de Sade

The Curse of the Marquis de Sade by Joel Warner

Genre: Non-Fiction

Plot: The captivating, deeply reported true story of how one of the most notorious novels ever written—Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom—landed at the heart of one of the biggest scams in modern literary history.

Best YA February 2023 Book Releases

Seven Faceless saints

Seven Faceless Saints by MK Lobb

Genre: YA Fantasy

Plot: Discover what’s lurking in the shadows in this dark fantasy debut with a murder-mystery twist, perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Kerri Maniscalco.


Revelle by Lyssa Mia Smith

Genre: YA Fantasy

Plot: Inspired by Moulin Rouge! and set on an island in a magical version of Prohibition-era New York, Revelle is a breathtaking YA stand-alone fantasy full of dazzling magic, romance, and mystery from debut author Lyssa Mia Smith.


Immortality: A Love Story (The Anatomy Duology 2) by Dana Schwartz

Genre: YA Fantasy Romance

Plot: This much-anticipated sequel to Anatomy: A Love Story sees Hazel Sinnet first arrested for saving a life and then summoned to the British Court to be the personal physician for Princess Charlotte. Hazel is dragged into the court and a social club known as the Companions to the Death. Hazel discovers evil forces at work against the monarchy and may be the only one to be able to fix it.

I loved the first book in this series and it was the Winter 2022 YA choice for Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club. This is one of the February 2023 book releases I cannot wait to get my hands on.

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Which of these February 2023 book releases is your most anticipated?

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