33 Most Anticipated New June 2023 Book Releases by Genre

New June 2023 book releases by genre
33 Most Anticipated New June 2023 Book Releases by Genre 44

June 2023 book releases are here and they are better than ever. I love putting together a list of books for the spring. They always have such a great vibe- like they can feel spring is in the air after a long winter.

This is a list of the books we are most excited to read. We combed through hundreds of books. Is your most anticipated new book on our list?

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33 Most Anticipated New June 2023 Book Releases by Genre 45

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Most Anticipated June 2023 Fiction Book Releases

The Wind Knows My Name

The Wind Knows My Name by Isabel Allende

Genre: Literary Fiction

Plot: This is a contemporary fiction that spans Vienna in 1938 to Arizona in 2019. Samual Adler is sent away from Vienna at 5 years old with nothing but a change of clothes and his violin. Seven-year-old Anita Diaz and her become separated while seeking refuge in the US after escaping El Salvador. This is a powerful pick from the June 2023 book releases about children who survive and continue to dream.

The bookshop on the Bay

The Bookshop by the Bay by Pamela M. Kelley

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Jess is a lawyer who needs a change when she finds out her husband is cheating on her. Allison needs to take a hiatus from her career. They both come back to their childhood homes with their daughters and decided to reopen the beloved town bookstore. This pick from June 2023 book releases is perfect for our books about bookstores post.

Same Time Next Summer

Same Time Next Summer by Annabel Monaghan

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Plot: Sam has a great job, is engaged to a great man, and is about to tour wedding venues. She should not be worried when she runs into the man who broke her heart at 17. Yet, being home brings nostalgia and Sam will have to make a choice. If you love a good beach read, this looks like a perfect pick from June 2023 book releases.

Five Star Weekend

The Five-Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Hollis Shaw’s life comes crashing down when her husband dies in a car accident. In order to get her life back on track, Hollis decides to have a 5-star weekend- one weekend with her best friends from her teens, twenties, thirties, and middle age. Elin Hilderbrand is always a great pick and is sure to be a best pick from June 2023 book releases.

You Were Always Mine

You Were Always Mine by Christine Pride

Genre: Fiction

Plot: From the authors of the GMA book club pick We are Not Like Them, comes a brand new book just in time for the June 2023 book releases and we cannot wait to read this one. When a Black woman finds an abandoned white baby, the decision may risk people discovering the truth about her own past.


Nightbloom by Peace Adzo Medie

Genre: Fiction

Plot: From the Author of Reese’s Book Club pick His Only Wife comes a brand new novel in time for June 2023 book releases. Selasi and Alkorfa were best friends and cousins growing up together in Ghana. As they get older, Selasi begins to change and shut Akorfa out. When Akorfa leaves to attend US medical school, she encounters racism. The crisis brings the cousins back together in this novel about friendship and female bonds.

The Whispers

The Whispers by Ashley Audrain

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Everything seems perfect on Harlow Street until the hostess of a barbecue explodes in fury when her son disobeys her in front of everyone. When the same boy falls from his window in the middle of the night it will leave everybody wondering what happened. From the author of The Push, this pick from June 2023 book releases is sure to be amazing.

The Wife App

The Wife App by Carolyn Mackler

Genre: Fiction

Plot: Lauren, Madeline, and Sophie all have separate reasons to be mad that they are taken for granted, and on a girls’ night out decided to build an app that monetized the mental load of being a wife. It soon becomes the most popular app in NYC but it might begin to take its toll.

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June 2023 Book Releases: Historical Fiction

Lady Tans Circle of women

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women: A Novel by Lisa See

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: In the Mong Dynasty, Tan Yunxian became one of only a few female physicians. This novel is based on the incredible true story of a woman who broke free from traditions with the power of friendship and determination. This pick from the June 2023 book releases looks like a fantastic read and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

The Paris Daughter

The Paris Daughter by Kristin Harmel

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Paris 1939: Elise and Juliette are best friends whose daughters are playmates. Elise must make the horrific decision to leave her daughter with Juliette while she tries to escape the Nazi occupation. When she returns, Juliette’s bookshop has been destroyed and Juliette is nowhere to be found. Elise must set off to find Juliette and answers. If you love historical fiction, this pick from the June 2023 book releases is perfect.

Starring Adele Astaire

Starring Adele Astaire by Eliza Knight

Genre: Historical fiction

Plot: This is a pick from the June 2023 book releases that asks whether fame is worth the price you pay. From 1920’s New York to wartime London, this is the historical fiction based on the life of Adele Astaire, Fred Astaire’s sister.

the spectacular

The Spectacular: A Novel by Fiona Davis

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This historical fiction is one of the new book releases you are sure to find in our Ultimate List of Best Historical Fiction. Set in New York City in 1956, Marion Brooks decides to audition to become a Radio City Rockette. With the city still in turmoil over the inability to catch the “big Apple Bomber”, Marion finds herself helping the police with the search along with Peter Griggs, a young doctor who wants to use profiling to catch the criminal. This book is also a perfect pick for our 17 Fantastic Books Set in New York

Sally Bradys Italian Adventure

Sally Brady’s Italian Adventure by Christina Lynch

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Sally Brady was raised by a Hollywood movie star and became a gossip columnist who finds herself stranded in Italy during WWII. Sally will have en adventure if she wants to find her way home. This pick from June 2023 book releases is perfect for anyone who loves WWII books or books set in Italy.

The Last Lifeboat

The Last Lifeboat by Hazel Gaynor

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: This pick from the June 2023 book releases is based on a true story of a teacher who becomes stranded on a lifeboat with children headed to Canada after the S.S. Carlisle was bombed by a NAzi U-Boat during WWII. This looks like an amazing choice for historical fiction lovers.

Hotel Laguna

Hotel Laguna by Nicola Harrison

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: Hazel Francis worked as a “Rosie the Riveter” during the war, but now that the war is over, she is expected to go home and become a wife and mother, a job she does not want. Hazel leaves for. the west coast where she finds she is torn between her dreams of flying and a dream life in Laguna. This prick from June 2023 book releases is perfect for our 22 Terrific Hotel Novels to Indulge in on Vacation.

The Beach at Summerly

The Beach at Summerly by Beatriz Williams

Genre: Historical Fiction

Plot: 1946: Summerly is a seaside estate owned by the Peabody family. Olive Rainsford is the aunt of the two remaining Peabody sons. She forms a relationship with Emilia who is the daughter of Summerly’s year-round caretaker. Suddenly, an FBI agent shows up demanding Emilia’s help in finding a soviet agent transmitting from Summerly.

1954: Emilia is a professor at Wellesley College Emilia is summoned to CIA headquarters to confront the effects of her past. This looks like an amazing historical fiction pick from the June 2023 book releases.

The First Ladies

The First Ladies by Marie Benedict

Genre: Biographical Historical Fiction

Plot: This pick from the June 2023 book releases is a biographical fiction about the relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary Mcloud Bethune, a civil rights activist. This story is about two women and their amazing friendship.

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June 2023 Book Releases: Most Anticipated Fantasy/ Sci-fi

Where Echoes Die

Where Echoes Die by Courtney Gould

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Plot: This is. supernatural thriller from the author of Dead in the Dark. When two sisters travel to Arizona to uncover the truth about their mother’s death, something there is very wrong and they get more than they bargained for, This pick from June 2023 book releases would be at home in our post The 22 Best Ghost Books.

The Seven Year Slip

The Seven-Year Slip by Ashley Poston

Genre: Magical Realism / Romance

Plot: Clementine has had her heart broken and doesn’t plan on letting that happen again. But, when she goes into her late aunt’s apartment, she finds a man sitting there. Before long she falls for him except for a small glitch. He exists seven years in the past. Dead romantics was one of my favorite books last year and I cannot wait to read this pick from the June 2023 book releases.

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Most Anticipated Thrillers and Mysteries for June 2023

irls and Their Horses

Girls and Their Horses by Eliza Jane Brazier

Genre: Thriller

Plot: I don’t think I ever read a book about showjumping and this June 2023 book releases pick looks like a fast-paced, cutthroat, mean-girl thriller in which someone ends up dead.

The Only one left

The Only One Left: A Novel by Riley Sager

Genre: Gothic Thriller

Plot: Is there a chance that a new Riley Sager would not appear on a list of new release books? I don’t think so. If you have been following us for a while you know we love Riley Sager enough to create The Best Riley Sager Books Ranked by Super Fans! In this new thriller, Kit McDeere arrives to be the home health aid to care for Lenora Hope who was accused of murdering her whole family. Lenora communicates with a typewriter and there may be more to the story than anyone knows.

The Spare Room

The Spare Room by Andrea Bartz

Genre: Thriller

Plot: This is another pick from the June 2023 book releases found in Reese’s Book Club List. The lockdown has Kelly trapped in a city where she has no friends and she lives with her now, ex-fiance. When a childhood friend offers her a spare room in the mansion she lives with her husband, Kelly gladly accepts. Soon, the relationship between all three takes a romantic turn and Kelly is way over her head. She must uncover the couple’s secrets before she becomes the next victim.

Zero Days

Zero Days by Ruth Ware

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Jack and her husband Gabe are paid to break into buildings and hack security systems. When Jack comes home and finds Gabe dead, she is the prime suspect. Now she must find Gabe’s murderer and save herself. I cannot wait to read this thriller from the June 2023 book releases.

You Seen Her

Have You Seen Her by Catherine McKenzie

Genre: Thriller

Plot: This is a thriller about three women whose secrets and pasts catch up with them. This looks like a really scary pick from the list of June 2023 book releases. Cassie has left a secretive job in NY to become search and rescue in Yosemite National Park. She meets Petal and Jada. The consequences of their pasts have ripple effects!


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Romance: June 2023 Book Releases

Love Theoretically

Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

Genre: Romance

Plot: Any romance by Ali Hazelwood has become a must-read romance so, it is no surprise that her newest would be found on this list of new book releases. I love this new genre of STEMinist romcom! Elise lives two lives- a theoretical physicist by day and fake girlfriend the rest of the time. When the two worlds come crashing together, she is in for a bumpy ride.

unfortunately yours

Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey

Genre: Romance

Plot: This pick from the June 2023 book releases is a follow-up to Secretly Yours. When a Napa Heiress is needs a husband to get her trust fund, she suggests a marriage of convenience to a man she cannot stand. He needs money help his vineyard. This enemies-to-lovers romance seems perfect for our fiction books about wine as well.

Everythings Fine

Everything’s Fine by Cecilia Rabess

Genre: Romance

Plot: Jess is an analyst at Goldman Sachs and the only Black woman on the floor. She feels underestimated and undervalued. The only person who stands up for her is Josh. They find they have undeniable chemistry, but it is 2016 and the entire world is thrown upside down. Jess and Josh have to question not just whether it works between them, but if should they be together. This romance from our list of 2023 June releases looks like a stunning debut novel.

Double Decker Dreams

Double-Decker Dreams by Lindsay MacMillan

Genre: Romance

Plot: Kat is working in London for 6 months as a consultant and has her love life planned perfectly. She is going to meet and English aristocrat, fall in love, and get married. But, when he sees the man of her dreams and he is not what she thought she wanted, will she stand in her own way? This pick from June 2023 book releases looks like an adorable read for the summer.

Business or Pleasure

Business or Pleasure by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Genre: Romance

Plot: This is a steamy romance from the June 2023 book releases is from the bestselling author of The Ex Talk. Chandler Cohen is a ghostwriter who hooks up with a guy only to find out that she is ghostwriting his next book. When Chandler admits that their night together was not the mind-blowing experience he thought, she starts to school him on the art of satisfaction.

Will They or Wont They

Will They or Won’t They by Ava Wilder

Genre: Romance

Plot: This enemies-to-lovers romance looks like an amazing pick from our spring 2023 book releases. Lilah and Shane are stars of a tv show who have spent years pining for each other on the show and hating each other off-screen. After a brief hiatus from the show, Lilah is back and their characters will finally get together but, can they get through unscathed?

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June 2023: Best Non-Fiction Book Releases

100 Places to See

100 Places to See After You Die: A Travel Guide to the Afterlife by Ken Jennings

Genre: Non-Fiction

Plot: From the legendary Jeopardy champion and host, Ken Jennings comes a hilarious book that is written like a travel guide but rather than giving travel destinations from around the world, Jennings gives us a tour of the afterlife. He looks at poets, artists, and TV showrunners’ ideas about what lies beyond. This looks like a hilarious pick from the spring 2023 book releases.

Best YA June 2023 Book Releases

Always Isnt Forever

Always Isn’t Forever by J.C. Cervantes

Genre: YA Romance

Plot: Hart and Ruby were meant o be together since they were kids. But when Hart drowns tragically, Ruby cannot let go or move on. When Hart is given a chance for his soul to come back in the body of a bad boy, winning Ruby back will be a challenge. He cannot tell her what happened and his memories are fading each day. This YA pick from the June 2023 book releases looks unforgettable.

Going Bicoastal

Going Bicoastal by Dahlia Adler

Genre: Queer YA Romance

Plot: This pick from the June 2023 book releases looks like an adorable sliding doors romance in which we see two stories of Natalya Fox play out simultaneously. In one life, she stays in NYC with her dad for the summer and goes for the girl she has had a crush on and in the other, she foes to LA with her estranged mom and goes for a guy she never saw coming.

We LOVE to support independent bookstores. You can shop our entire list of June 2023 book releases on bookshop.org

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