Our Favorite Finds of 2019

Our 19 Favorite Finds of 2019

We wanted to do something a little different this year and share our 19 favorite non-book finds with you. Over on Instagram, we are known for sharing whatever things we are currently obsessed with. From the number of DMs I received, I’m fairly certain the great mascara search of 2019  was as helpful to me as it was to you. But we rarely share non-bookish content over here. We thought this might be a fun little post to throw together. If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen some of these recipes and products before…but some are more quietly appreciated by us (I’m looking at you, breadbox 😘.) So enjoy our favorite finds of 2019 and please, please share with us the recipes, games, clothes, and organizational items you can’t live without.

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Our Favorite finds of 2019 - snowballs, recipes, beauty finds, home organization and more!

  1. Sheet Pan Tilapia – This recipe is delicious. Healthy, flaky, and kid-friendly. My children love the warmed up cherry tomatoes. I sometimes swap out green beans for the asparagus too. Because the fish cooks so quickly, it’s the perfect food to cook mid-week.
  2. Rachel Ray Lazy Tools – Jackie got this set for her brand new kitchen and she’s become quickly obsessed! The slots in the spoons allow the utensils to rest on the edge of pots and pans – totally genius!
  3. West Elm Swivel Chairs – Kirsten redid her family room this year, finally getting furniture that fit in her new(ish) home. Her favorite purchase was these West Elm Swivel Chairs. A little 80s, easy to wipe down, and totally fun to twirl in.
  4. The Genius Squareir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=a0941c705584c9a3a637c492716be38b& cb=1578527680940 – This logic puzzle is a multi-use toy. It can be a single person logic puzzle or a competitive game. My kids enjoy it and so does my husband, except when I beat him. 😉
  5. Turntable Organizer – I have multiples of this organizer. One for under each sink. Finally, there is a way to contain the clutter and make it easier to access too.
  6. Breadbox – I discovered this breadbox earlier in the year. When Jackie commented about how much she loved it, I snagged one for her too. It looks great in both of our kitchens.
  7. Unseen Sunscreen – I’ve always been crazy about sunscreen, but I hadn’t found a good facial version for under my make-up until I discovered this SuperGoop! primer.
  8. Indoor Snowballs – I gave my kids these for Hanukkah this year. What a hit!! Our whole family has enjoyed throwing them around. They have a little crunch when you squeeze them but are soft as can be.
  9. Libro.Fm – We recently made the switch from Audible to Libro.Fm because Libro.fm supports local indie bookstores. You can read our full comparison here.
  10. Tretorn Sneakers – Jackie snagged these sneakers on sale earlier this year. They are so comfortable and stylish!

Games, beauty, recipes, fashion and more favorite finds of 2019.

  1. Linen Book Games – I got a few of these gorgeous game editions this year. I love how they look on my shelves and the double-take people do when I pull them out to play a game. A perfect gift for a book or game lover.
  2. Kitchen Pendants – These pendants were the big splurge in Jackie’s kitchen – but she doesn’t regret them. She nagged them when they were on sale and they make her happy every day.
  3. High-Waisted Black Wide Leg Pants – I love this trend! Finally the return of the comfy jeans.
  4. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer – Holy Volume! This hairdryer is incredible for giving me amazing hair, without any effort. I’m the worst at doing my hair and this makes it look easy. I haven’t stopped getting compliments since I got this hairdryer!
  5.  Slow Cooker Meatballs – Easily the best meatballs I’ve ever had. They are so easy to make and so moist. I love them over Spaghetti squash or zoodles. My kids love them over pasta. I made these almost once a week when my kids have after school activities. It’s so nice to come home to dinner already made.
  6. Ilia Mascara – If you follow us on Instagram, you know about the great mascara hunt of 2019. This one was the winner and is eco-friendly.
  7.  Ice Roller – I love to refresh my face in the morning with this ice roller. It tightens my skin, wakes me up faster than a cup of coffee, helps drain my lymph nodes, AND depuffs my face. All for under $20.
  8. The Content Planner – I love this content planner! I just got it to help me manage the blog and social media schedules but it is ACES. Best gift I got myself in 2019.
  9. Bob Ross Art of the Chill – Bob Ross has been trending for quite some time now.

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