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How to Host a Book Club for The Immortalists

Kirsten and I love books (obviously) and spend so much time talking to each other about books.   We have similar tastes in books but, different enough that we don’t often overlap in many of the books that we read.  It’s not a conscious decision either- it just happens. Every once in awhile, we actually get…

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Adorable and Modern Peter Rabbit Nursery for Your Baby

Beatrix Potter’s Tales of Peter Rabbit are some of the most beloved stories in all of children’s literature. Her fantastic illustrations and Peter’s engrossing escapades have stood the test of time. This was our inspiration to create a Peter Rabbit Nursery. I was so pleased when I learned there was going to be a movie…

What Would Your Favorite Literary Couples Gift for Valentine’s Day?

What Would Your Favorite Literary Couples Gift for Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day, Jackie and I wanted to have a little fun. Don’t ask us what started the conversation –neither of us remember–but we ended up discussing what our favorite literary couples would end up purchasing for each other for Valentine’s day if they were around today. Some of the ideas we came up with were…


The One Device Every Kid Needs for “Screen Time”

    Technology time has been a battle with my kids since day one. I was great about keeping them away from all things tech for their first years of life and I loosened the strings on occasion until they were 2. After their second birthdays,  it became much, much harder to limit “screen time.”…