A Storybook Adventure at Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA

A storybook adventure at Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA

Part of what makes reading so wonderful is the immersive experience the right book can create in your mind. As adults, we can draw on our own adventures to imagine the customs, places or people who are described in any book. For children, particularly young ones, the knowledge they have is a bit more limited.  So, as a parent, I find it incredibly important to bring those stories to life in a tangible way.

This post will be the first in a series that will help connect the stories we read with our children to actual adventures we can take with them in the Philadelphia area. We hope you enjoy these trips as much as we do. Hopefully, we will inspire you to take an adventure of your own.

A storybook adventure at Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA

A Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA 

As the mother of a preschool aged daughter, stories about princesses, teas, and all things royal are high on the list of bedtime requests. What parent out there hasn’t had an imaginary tea party with their younger children? It is a right of passage for most kids, both boy and girl. I wanted the opportunity to bring one of her favorite playtime activities to life.

A storybook adventure at Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA

Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA is a quaint and wonderful place – perfect for an outing with young children.  I was lucky enough to go there for tea with my daughter and two of her little friends (and their mothers).  Reservations are definitely a must in this restaurant as the seating is very limited.  The tables are all different with a mixture of different chairs and booths.

A storybook adventure at Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA

We each ordered a full tea ($20 a person) which included tea, sandwiches, an assortment of pastries and a choice of a delicious scone with clotted cream, lemon curd and preserves.  Tea for the little girls included fluffnutter sandwiches, confetti scones and chocolate milk or lemonade( $15 a person).  There was a huge selection for everyone and they were quite accommodating to allergies.

A storybook adventure at Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA

It was a lovely morning (spoken with an english accent).  The girls loved getting the full tea experience and the momma’s had fun too! There is also a really cute area with English candy, loose leaf tea and tea paraphernalia.  Nothing goes better than a cup of tea, then a good book.

Tea for Ruby by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York

Tea for Ruby by Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York

In this adorable book, Ruby is invited to have tea with the queen.  She must learn the proper rules and etiquette for such a proper occasion.  Ruby, is a regular little girl who is talkative and silly and these qualities are what makes this story so sweet.  She has to try to not interrupt, say please and thank and you and use a napkin all before the big day.  The best part? when Ruby arrives to the queen’s house, it is with her  grandmother that she is having tea.  Of course, Sarah Ferguson is the Duchess of York and so when her children have tea with their grandmother, they are having tea with Queen Elizabeth the II.

Have you read this book? Have you been to A Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA ? Tell us what you think.


A storybook adventure featuring the book, Tea for Ruby and a tea party at Taste of Britain in Wayne, PA

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