What We Wear to Read

What We Wear To Read

Jackie and I read all day, every day. But on weekends or at night we go into full reader mode. What does full reader mode entail? A great book, a mug of something warm, a cozy nook to snuggle into and comfortable clothing.  When all of these criteria are in place, we reach optimal reading power. We thought it might be fun to show you all specifically what we wear to read. After all, we want you to reach your optimal reading power, too.

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Kirsten’s Sweatsuit

I'm obsessed with this tie-dye sweatsuit that is as comfy as it is cute. It's the perfect weekend reading outfit. #tiedye #tiedyesweatsuit #readingapparel

Thank the heavens, the sweatsuit has returned! I remember rocking a matching sweatsuit back in my middle school years and the fact that they are back in style just made weekend dressing so much better. I saw this tie-dye version at Target and had to have it! It’s quickly become the most worn outfit in my closet because it’s cute and comfortable. Even when I wear it out of the house I get tons of compliments. I’ve rounded up my favorite outfit and some other cute picks below.

Custom Book Sweatshirts

Custom book sweatshirt from Etsy #bookapparelCustom Book Apparel Sweatshirt

Jackie and I got the most adorable mail from the creator of 4Rubies. She sent us each custom sweatshirts and we love them! I love to wear mine around my home while I’m listening to books. They are bookish and one-of-a-kind. She can make any shirt into something fabulous so we’ve linked her current shop selections below. But feel free to reach out to her with ideas for your own creation.

Wooden Ships Sweaters

Wooden Ships makes the most incredible sweaters. Soft and stylish, their clothes work all year long because they offer multiple knit sizes.

As much as we love lounging around in sweatsuits, that’s just not feasible all the time. So what do we wear to read if we know we are going to be reading publicly? Wooden Ships sweaters. SOOOO soft. They have winter and summer knits (we own multiples of each) that are seriously chic. Throw them on with a great jean and you can wear them all over town. Trust us, they are the softest thing we own.

Jackie’s Socks

F* off I'm reading socks tell the truth. Don't interrupt a momma wearing theses!

How AMAZING are these socks?  They send a clear signal – LEAVE ME ALONE. Yep. Pretty much every serious reader needs a pair of socks like these. They are the sign to her entire family that mom is off duty. Need a pair yourself? We thought so!

The best sweaters, socks, sweatsuits and bookish apparel all rounded up in one place. Learn what book bloggers wear to binge read at home and in public.

Tie-Dye is all the rage for 2020. We've rounded up the best tie-dye sweats all in one place! Tie-dye sweatshirts, pants, and tops from $20 - $120.

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