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Perfect Halloween Books for All Ages

Looking for a spooky (or not-so-spooky) story this Halloween? We've got Halloween Books for babies, children, middle grade readers, teens and adults!

I love Halloween. Seriously, it is just so fun!!! Candy and costumes and parties – Oh My! Whether this is your baby’s first time celebrating or it is your umpteenth time enjoying the holiday, these are our favorite Halloween books for any age! Continue reading “Perfect Halloween Books for All Ages”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

The Days the Crayons Came Home… to SplashLab Arts

SplashLab Arts in Manayunk

I recently went for a playdate to SplashLab Arts in Manayunk and OMG is it the CUTEST place!!! I first found out about SplashLab Arts through Instagram. (If you aren’t following us, please do!) My kids start school later than public school, so we decided to visit this adorable art studio with another family one morning. It was great because we were the only people there! We had the best time and have already gone back! Continue reading “The Days the Crayons Came Home… to SplashLab Arts”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

Best Books about School for All

,The Best Books about School for preschool to college aged kids.

Every time we look at the calendar we are shocked to see the summer is almost over (heavy sigh). Previously, we did a post that introduced going to school to your youngest child, but what about getting your older kid’s ready to head back? Some kids look forward to the start of the school year while others dread the end of summer. Getting them ready to head back can be as simple as finding a funny book or two! My personal favorites are those in the Wayside School Series. I use to laugh for hours reading them, but we have a ton of other fun books to get your kids ready for the grind! Continue reading “Best Books about School for All”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

Rulers of Kid’s Castle Playground PLUS a Giveaway!

Rulers of the Playground and the trip it inspired to Kid's Castle Playground in Doylestown, PA

I’m always up for a road trip, especially if it involves an adventure with my kids. My friend Lauren feels the same way, so we frequently go on excursions together. Earlier this spring, we visited Kid’s Castle Playground in Doylestown, PA. We packed up 5 kids to explore this amazing playground. With so many little ones, we found it hard to truly experience all the park grounds had to offer so we scheduled a day during the summer to come back with a picnic lunch and our husbands! With the kid to adult ratio slightly more balance and a better understanding of the facilities and nearby destinations, we truly got to experience the best of the amazing site. Continue reading “Rulers of Kid’s Castle Playground PLUS a Giveaway!”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

Stories for the First Day of School

9 amazing stories for the first day of school

Heading off to school for the very first time is an exciting but scary idea for most kids. Many may be leaving their parents for the first time. New schools mean new rules, new friends, and new worries. I’ve always found that the easiest way to explain new situations to my own kids is through reading about them in books. The books below help to tackle different ideas – missing mom, anxiety about meeting new people or learning about what teachers do to get ready for school. These are the perfect stories for the first day of school. Continue reading “Stories for the First Day of School”