Our Kids 17 Favorite Picture Books of 2017-8

Why You Need to Join the Diverse Books Club & 2 Giveaways!

Looking for a way to expand your other standing of the world? Or perhaps you just want to know what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes. The Diverse Books Club can help!

One of the greatest joys of being a book blogger has been meeting people in the book blogging community, particularly on Instagram – or Bookstagram as it’s known to many. The voracious readers online are a cheerful, welcoming bunch of people who constantly inspire Jackie and me. I love getting to interact with like-minded readers and I learn something new every day! My favorite part, however, is when another blogger inspires me to pick up a story on a challenging subject that enlightens me.

One such blogger is Madeleine of Top Shelf Text. Madeleine has gotten me to read many a book over the past year and I have always been pleased with her choices.  In September she took her recommendations one step further by launching the Diverse Books Club (the DBC.) This incredible online book club explores diversity in literature. Personally, I’ve learned so much about the #blacklivesmatter movement and the refugee crisis. I’ve asked her to share more about the DBC with all of you.  She’s even picked her two favorite reads for us to giveaway!
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Our Kids 17 Favorite Picture Books of 2017-8

Upcoming Book Adaptations for 2017 and 2018

Book Adaptions coming in 2017, 2018, 2019 and beyond. Movies and Tv shows based on books being released soon cover genres from thrillers to children's lit to mysteries and romance. Pin now, Scheduled your movie dates later!

What is it about Fall that makes snuggling up and watching a movie so appealing? Whether at home on the sofa with your honey or out at a theater with friends, seeing your favorite book turned into a movie is the perfect cold weather past time. We’ve got the scoop on the book adaptations coming out for the remainder of 2017 as well as those flicks coming in 2018 and beyond. Take a look at the list, mark the dates on your calendar and be sure to catch up on the stories before you see them on the screen! Continue reading “Upcoming Book Adaptations for 2017 and 2018”

Our Kids 17 Favorite Picture Books of 2017-8

The Hate U Give & 11 Other Thought Provoking Reads

The Hate U Give is one of the most though provoking books I've read this year. Here are 10 more to read if you liked it.

When I first had my children, I had a hard time looking at the state of the world around me.  Call it hormonal, call it denial — I referred to it as self-preservation.  I’ve talked about my love for Fluff Reads before and there is a time and place for a book that just makes you smile. But I have been feeling more and more recently that I need to wake the hell up and take a good look at the world outside my bubble. I noticed that this year, Jackie and I have both tackled books that have some hard-hitting material. I feel that my social consciousness has been elevated everytime I read a book with tough subject matter. Continue reading “The Hate U Give & 11 Other Thought Provoking Reads”

Our Kids 17 Favorite Picture Books of 2017-8

Teen Girl Night Circus Bedroom

Night Circus inspired bedroom

The Night Circus is a favorite book around here — and for good reason (see review)! The magic of the Night Circus is exactly what dreams are made of. (The Night Circus is called Le Cirque des Rêves or Circus of Dreams). So what could be better than a bedroom that pays homage to this magical book?

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Our Kids 17 Favorite Picture Books of 2017-8

Best Books about School for All

,The Best Books about School for preschool to college aged kids.

Every time we look at the calendar we are shocked to see the summer is almost over (heavy sigh). Previously, we did a post that introduced going to school to your youngest child, but what about getting your older kid’s ready to head back? Some kids look forward to the start of the school year while others dread the end of summer. Getting them ready to head back can be as simple as finding a funny book or two! My personal favorites are those in the Wayside School Series. I use to laugh for hours reading them, but we have a ton of other fun books to get your kids ready for the grind! Continue reading “Best Books about School for All”