Helpful Books About School and School Prep Lists for 2023

Books about School

You’ll find all of our lists of books about school below, as well as other articles related to school prep and readiness for you and your children.

We’ve ordered the posts by age level from the youngest to oldest readers. You’ll see book recommendations for your child’s very first day of school and books we loved as high schoolers.

At the bottom, you’ll see the posts for parent back-to-school prep, including cookbooks we love to use when packing school lunches and literary school supply suggestions.

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Books for the First day of School and other books about school

Books for the Very First Day of School

A selection of our favorite picture books about school for first-timers. These books are geared towards addressing worry and explaining what to expect at school for preschool and kindergarten students. They are cheerful ways to get your child ready for the first step in their education.

Back to School picture books and other books about school

Back to School Books

The perfect books about school for returning students. These books range from picture books to early readers to middle-grade stories. These books are about the fun and silliness of learning and making friends at school.

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Dark Academia Books

This list is comprised of 21 fantasies, LGBTQ, thrillers, mysteries, and YA books with dark academia settings. If you want books about schools for adults, this is your list!

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Our Favorite High School Reads & 2 We Despise

Some of the books we learn about in High School stay with us forever, while others still evoke feelings of rage. Which ones make our must-read list? Check this out and tell us which books, good or bad, have stayed with you from your high school days.

Best Teachers in books and other books about school.

The Best Teachers in Literature

A good teacher can stay with you for your entire life. Similarly, great teachers in literature have the same ability to capture the heart of readers. In this list, we rounded up our favorite teachers in books as part of a teacher appreciation post.

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School Prep Articles

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Reading Readiness Tips

Prepare your child for school by helping them develop their reading readiness skills. Articles on this page are based on age and go from newborn to early chapter books. You’ll be able to find book suggestions and helpful activities for each stage of reading.

The Best Planners and other back to school book lists

The Best Planners of 2021

When it comes to school prep, a good planner reigns supreme. We are firmly on team paper planners, but we use different tools in each of our households. Take a look at the Happy Planner, The Simplified Planner, Cocoa Daisy’s Planner system, and more in this post.

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Bookish School Supplies

Book-Inspired School Supplies

Looking for fun book-inspired backpacks, pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies? Check out some of these finds below!