The Best Teachers in Books

The Best Teachers in Books

This week is teacher appreciation week and we wanted to give thanks to all these unsung heroes. We thought it would be fun to round up a list of the best teachers in books.

I have been so unbelievably lucky to have had teachers that go above and beyond for my kids.  I could give countless stories of the teachers in my children’s lives that have given them more than just knowledge of facts. 

Teachers spend their days with OUR children and often give them the strength and confidence to believe in their own success. 

As a speech therapist, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing teachers from multiple school districts.  These teachers all have one thing in common: Their love and devotion to children.

For teacher appreciation week we wanted to highlight our five favorite teachers in literature. And while there are many more, these teachers and exceptional.

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The Best Teachers in Books

harry Potter

Professors Dumbledore, Lupin, and McGonagall in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.k Rowling

We really could name most of the teachers in Harry Potter as some of our all-time favorites.  I mean, who doesn’t wish they had a professor like Lupin to teach us how to cast a Patronus or McGonagall to discover our talent for catching snitches?

Professor Dumbledore had such confidence in Harry’s outstanding capacity for good that he bet the entire future of the wizarding world. Aside from a few teachers like Umbridge who just about ruined Hogwarts, most of the teachers there were pretty amazing.


Miss Honey in Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda had a horrible childhood and horrible parents.  However, she was lucky enough to have a teacher like Miss Honey who believed her to be a truly spectacular child.

Because really, isn’t that what every child needs- one teacher, who believes that he or she is truly spectacular?

Reading with Patrick

Michelle Kuo in Reading with Patrick: A Teacher, a Student and a Life-Changing Friendship by Patrick Kuo

In this memoir, teacher Michelle Kuo tells about her time visiting her former student in jail over a seven-month period. 

She felt like she had not done enough during her time in the classroom as his teacher.

She discussed literature while simultaneously forming a friendship that would change them both forever.  I mean, talk about going above and beyond!

Miss Stacey and more of the best teachers in books

Miss Stacey in Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery

Miss Stacey is one of the teachers who sees the best in everyone.  Without her, Anne may never have been able to reach her potential. 

Anne was always intelligent, imaginative, and eager to do the right thing but, before Miss Stacey, Anne struggled in school. 

Even though Miss Stacey only taught for two years, she had a lifelong effect on Anne.

Magic School Bus

Miss Frizzle in the Magic School Bus Series by Joanna Cole

I wish that when I was growing up, science was as amazing as it is in Miss Frizzle’s class.  Science literally comes to life for the kids in her class. 

As a teacher, she truly puts her all into every lesson.  The kids in Miss Frizzle’s class travel into the human body and down to the bottom of the ocean (among other things).

I always wondered what the permission slips for these trips said!!!!

Ramona the Pest and other books featuring the best teachers.

Miss Binney in Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary’s charming character Ramona is a handful. Luckily, when she goes to kindergarten her teacher, Miss Binney, is the perfect match for her.

Miss Binney’s clear head and kind manner make her the perfect person to get Ramona to behave in class.

Did we miss your picks for the best teachers in books? Let us know who you would include below.

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