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The Bookish Box: Outlander Box Review

Looking for the Scoop on the latest The Bookish Box one-time box? We've unpacked the Outlander limited edition box and did a full review of all the goodies inside!

Since we have become active on Bookstagram, Jackie and I have seen more and more about subscription services based on books. There are services like the Book of the Month club (which we belong to) that offers the newest hottest books each month for discounted prices and there are services that send products based on your favorite books. These bookish product subscriptions come in all genres and price points. One that pops up frequently is The Bookish BoxWhen I saw that the Bookish Box was releasing a special edition Outlander box…well you know I had to have it. I decided that you Outlander fans may want to take a look at the goodies inside! Continue reading “The Bookish Box: Outlander Box Review”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

How We Plan: Erin Condren VS Bullet Journal

How we plan: Erin Condren vs. Bullet Journalling.

Being a mom is a full-time job.  Between daily chores and school commitments, it can be daunting.  Add in any other commitment like working outside of the home or volunteering and it can be completely overwhelming.  I have a hard time keeping track of my own work and appointments never mind the kids, the pets, and the hubby’s schedule.  That is where planning comes in.  Kirsten and I are both very attached/addicted to our planners.  People ask me all the time why I don’t just use my phone.  My answer is a simple “What happens if my phone breaks?”  It happens. That wonderful day when out of the blue, your phone doesn’t work.  Yes, yes, I know all about the cloud.  However, that doesn’t help in the immediate aftermath of phonetastrophe. While we both agree planning is a must, we have two very different approaches to how we do it. Continue reading “How We Plan: Erin Condren VS Bullet Journal”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

Amazing Literary School Supplies

Literary School Supplies for your favorite boys and girls!

Does anyone else love Back-to-School season as much as we do? Fresh school supplies, blank notebook pages and new books! As we begin to plan and shop for our own kid’s school supplies, we wanted to share our fun literary finds with you. If your child is going off to school for the first time or headed away to college, there is something on this list for each of them. Continue reading “Amazing Literary School Supplies”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Plan your next Harry Potter Party with food, drinks, games and decor themed after the wizarding world.

Happy 37th Birthday Mr. Potter! While the stories of Harry Potter are celebrating their 20th year in existence, the character himself was born on July 31, 1980, making him 37 today. What is even more exciting is that this is the year that his age is the EXACT age as the epilogue chapter in Deathly Hallows.  We believe this milestone should be celebrated, today and …always…(we had too!) That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite Harry Potter Food, Decor and Entertainment ideas from the web to inspire your next Potter party.  Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

Bookish Things: Quirky Harry Potter Gifts

From snitch fidget spinners to rose gold wand makeup brushes, there is something for everyone on this list!

This past June, Harry Potter celebrated its 20th book birthday. With Harry and J.K. Rowling both sharing a birthday on July 31, July has become unofficial Harry Potter Month. We LOVE Harry Potter, but a lot of the gear for the series is dark and dreary. We get it — magic and castles and such — but we wanted to put together a list of Harry Potter gifts that are a little quirkier and lighter. Here are some unexpected finds for your favorite HP fan…or you know… yourself. Continue reading “Bookish Things: Quirky Harry Potter Gifts”