The Best Gifts For 10-Year-Olds: Toy & Book Presents!

gifts for 10 year olds

Looking for the best gifts for 10-year-olds? We’ve got you covered with these book and present pairings. Pick just the gift or book, and any 10-year-old will be delighted.

Shopping for presents for 10-year-olds is fun. They are reading Middle Grade books and really flexing their mental muscles when it comes to playtime. 10-year-olds are often less inclined to play with toys but more interested in games or hands-on activities.

Below are my favorite books and gifts for 10-year-old boys and girls.

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Gifts for 10-year-olds

1. Camp and Friendship Bracelet Kit

If you are looking for the perfect gifts for a 10-year-old, this combo is perfect. This graphic novel, part of the Click series, is about heading off to summer camp for the very first time. Everyone knows summer camp and friendship bracelets go hand-in-hand, making this the perfect present combo.

2. Percy Jackson and Santorini

I can’t think of a better gift for a 10-year-old than this duo. Percy Jackson is about a boy who discovers he is a demi-god and must recover Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt. Santorini is a strategy game that lets players take on the roles of various gods. It’s a favorite in Kirsten’s household!

3. The Magic Misfits and A Magic Kit

This book about a group of magical misfits who come together to find friendship and self-worth is a wonderful first book in the series. It’s a no-brainer to pair it with a magic kit!

4. Winterhouse and Snow Tubes

This mystery was as enthralling to me as it was to my boys. I loved the slight bits of magic in the story and the captivating setting of an expansive ski hotel on a snowy mountain at Christmas time. For a holiday gift for a 10-year-old, pair this snowy novel with some snow tubes!

5. The Van Gogh Deception and Codenames

Described as Dan Brown meets Jason Bourne, The Van Gogh Deception lives up to those clever stories. It’s a fast-paced art caper that will keep your tween fully engrossed. Why not pair this spy thriller with the game Codenames for the ultimate gift for a 10-year-old? It’s a fun game where each team is trying to uncover the spies before the other.

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Presents for 10-year-olds

6. Roller Girl and Roller Skates

Astrid and Nicole have done everything together until now when Astrid wants to go to roller derby camp. Thus begins a summer of friendship, finding yourself, perseverance, and girl power. It makes an obvious gift for a 10-year-old when paired with roller skates!

7. Keeper of the Lost Cities and Yarn Unicorn

Move over Harry Potter, there is a new fantasy series poised to take your throne! Meet Sophie Foster, a newly found elf living in the human world. In book one of this ever-growing series, she’s taken back to the Lost Cities and sent to Foxfire Academy to learn to harness her powers as a Telepath. In later books, she has a pet unicorn named Silveny making this unicorn craft kit and book combo the perfect holiday gifts for 10-year-olds.

8. The Mysterious Benedict Society and Rubik’s Race

This combo is one of our favorite presents for 10-year-olds. The book is about a group of extremely gifted children who are sent to spy on an evil organization. They need to use logic and quick thinking to accomplish their tasks. Pair it with this fun Rubik’s cube race – a great 2-player game!

9. From An Idea to Disney and K’Nex Roller Coaster

This book tells the story of how Disneyland and the Disney company were created from Walt Disney’s imagination. It’s a fun non-fiction book that is the first in a series. After reading it, any kid will be itching to build this roller coaster like a real Disney Imagineer!

10. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and Family Trivial Pursuit

In this story, a few lucky kids get to spend the night inside Mr. Lemoncello’s new library as they try to win his game and be the first team to escape. It’s no ordinary library, it’s filled with logic puzzles, trivia, and cool holograms. After reading, children will love putting their knowledge to the test with a round of Trivial Pursuit, Family Edition! Grab these presents for 10-year-olds and be rewarded with big smiles.

Did we help you with finding the perfect gift for a 10-year-old? Let us know if you get anything for your loved one!

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