About Kirsten Baritz

I am Kirsten Baritz, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Beyond the Bookends. Let me tell you a little about myself.

Kirsten Baritz

Kirsten Baritz

Co-founder & Creative Director

  • Celebrity Book Club Specialist
  • Historical Fiction Guru
  • Tween Book Expert
  • Social Media Maven
  • Lover of the Classics

I graduated from McDaniel College with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. After graduating, I moved back to Philadelphia where I worked in marketing, public relations, and event planning, primarily at the Philadelphia Zoo.

At the Zoo, I gained incredible experience as a spokesperson, appearing in numerous print, radio, and newspaper publications. My time as the writer of the Zoo’s member magazine helped me hone my storytelling skills… just ask me about the time a tiger peed in my mouth.

After leaving my role at the Philadelphia Zoo, I rediscovered my appreciation for the world of books. Since 2017, I’ve used my marketing and public relations skills to curate our quarterly magazines, implement social media strategies, and ensure our website is relevant and visually appealing.

You’ll find me leading the conversation on Instagram where I share my passionate book reviews, daily life updates, and try desperately to force Jackie to show her face. You can often find me at my local bookstore hosting author interviews and in-person events.

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband and two energetic boys.

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Constantly found with coffee in hand
Late-night reading sessions fueled by giant bowls of popcorn
Audiobook Addict
Huge Swiftie
Royally Obsessed
Hopes to one day have a house on the Chesapeake

Connect with Me

I’d love to give you personalized book recommendations and hear your feedback.

You are welcome to email me at kirsten@beyondthebookends.com or connect with me on Instagram.

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