The Best Reading Challenges for 2024

The Complete list of reading challenges

Reading challenges have been rising in popularity each year. Each year around the New Year, we see more and more people looking to enhance their reading life.

Reading Challenges are particularly good for this task because they help you explore new areas of literature, new genres, and more topics that you might not normally consider.

We’ve been creating reading challenges for a few years now, and we even have a summer reading bingo board. We aim to keep the challenges balanced with fun topics and heavy hitters.

Beyond the Bookends Reading Challenges

Each yearly reading challenge has 12 monthly prompts to help you diversify your reading life. We release a corresponding suggestion list at the beginning of each month to help you find a book, but you are free to read any book that fits the profile!

You don’t have to fill in the prompts in monthly order, but we’ve generally tied topics to something relevant going on in the month of choice – think reading a book about athletes during the Olympics or reading a book set in Old Hollywood during award season.

We recently started a summer bingo reading challenge as well, which was a ton of fun for everyone involved on Instagram. If you are looking for a light-hearted way to track your summer reading, check out the one below too.

The Quarterly Magazine

Spring 2024 Reading Challenge Guide 1

We also have a quarterly Reading Challenge magazine. Like last year, the magazine will feature previews of the coming reading challenge prompts and it will also feature highlights for the upcoming book releases.

You’ll get our takes on which books we are most excited about broken down by month. Think of it as an easier-to-read, more personal version of our quarterly book releases posts.

More Reading Challenges

Did you find any challenges that sparked your interest? Do you have any suggestions for future reading challenge prompts?

Novel Ideas 55

Book Lists by Genre

Are you looking for more books in your favorite genre? This hub will let you choose which genre to dive into!

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