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An Adventure to Longwood Garden with Chrysanthemum 

Longwood Gardens trip with moms and kids. Fountains, chrysanthemums, lily pads and more.

As Kirsten and I started to plan what to do with the kids on their day off of school, I started to get a little nostalgic.  I realized that this is the last year I will have these special days off with my daughter because next year she will be in  “big kid” school with her brothers.  We wanted to do something fun for the kids and for us as well.   When I mentioned to Kirsten that I had not been to Longwood Gardens  in 6 years, she knew immediately that this was the perfect place for an adventure with the kids.  It was a gorgeous day and it flew by too fast.

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Jane Austen Gift Guide

The Bookish Box: Outlander Box Review

Looking for the Scoop on the latest The Bookish Box one-time box? We've unpacked the Outlander limited edition box and did a full review of all the goodies inside!

Since we have become active on Bookstagram, Jackie and I have seen more and more about subscription services based on books. There are services like the Book of the Month club (which we belong to) that offers the newest hottest books each month for discounted prices and there are services that send products based on your favorite books. These bookish product subscriptions come in all genres and price points. One that pops up frequently is The Bookish BoxWhen I saw that the Bookish Box was releasing a special edition Outlander box…well you know I had to have it. I decided that you Outlander fans may want to take a look at the goodies inside! Continue reading “The Bookish Box: Outlander Box Review”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

Getting Ready for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween on a budget with great finds from Target!

Halloween is just around the corner and we are beyond excited! Jackie and I are each diving into mysteries this month and they are totally putting us in the Halloween spirit. We decided to take a shopping trip to Target to stock up on the best new decor. Whether you are throwing a big bash or just handing out candy, we hope our choices help you get ready for Halloween. Trick or Treat!! Continue reading “Getting Ready for Halloween”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

The Days the Crayons Came Home… to SplashLab Arts

SplashLab Arts in Manayunk

I recently went for a playdate to SplashLab Arts in Manayunk and OMG is it the CUTEST place!!! I first found out about SplashLab Arts through Instagram. (If you aren’t following us, please do!) My kids start school later than public school, so we decided to visit this adorable art studio with another family one morning. It was great because we were the only people there! We had the best time and have already gone back! Continue reading “The Days the Crayons Came Home… to SplashLab Arts”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

2 Days in Montreal

Need a quick and fun escape? Experience Montreal in  48 hours!

I recently went away with my husband for the first time since my kids have been born. It’s been 6 years since we’ve been away for more than one night together. 6 YEARS. It was time. We went away with my siblings and parents who all agreed to make sure our plane ride was under the 2-hour mark in case we had to rush home. Montreal was the perfect spot for us. It was international, with the flight taking just over an hour, but it felt very European. Multiple times, we commented that it felt like we were in Paris. Since it is such an easy trip, I thought I would throw together a quick guide in case you too want to get away for a weekend! Continue reading “2 Days in Montreal”