Fourth Wing Merch We Love to Obsess Over in 2024

Fourth Wing merch
Fourth Wing Merch We Love to Obsess Over in 2024 5

If you are anything like us, you have read Fourth Wing and are now obsessed. And with that obsession comes a need for Fourth Wing merch. What kind of merch? Everything!!! I will not admit to the number of stickers (a lot), mugs (2), and painted edge books (3) I own. Because there is always room for more.

While I was busy combing through the Fourth Wing merch, Kirsten suggested that I put it all in one place. I love this idea! So now, while we are figuring out how to last another year before the third book in the Fourth Wing series comes out, we will have the best collection of clothing, stickers, bookends, and more.

If you have a Fourth Wing lover and are looking for a Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Holiday gift, you cannot go wrong with anything on this list (trust me on this).

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Fourth Wing Merch

Fourth Wing With Painted Edges

The minute I saw the painted edges of Fourth Wing, I became obsessed and while that original run is long sold out, there are many places you can find GORGEOUS editions of this book. The Fourth Wing merch below is from Etsy. Each of these books is handpainted by artists which makes them 100% unique. Some are more expensive than others, but most are below the going rate for the original first-run edition and way more beautiful. These might be the only books I own that I display pages out!


Are you looking for Fourth Wing merch like hoodies and tees? There are so many cute ones available, but we found our favorites and put them below. There are a few Fourth Wing hoodies in here that would be perfect now that it is getting colder outside. There are so many details in the books upon which to draw inspiration which is why we loved so many of these Fourth Wing merch hoodies, tees, and long-sleeved tees.


Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder and the only thing better than a steaming cup of hot cocoa is a steaming cup of hot cocoa in a Fourth Wing mug. I know this from experience since I already have two and am looking to add to my collection.

Fourth Wing Merch: Stickers

I admit that I am a grown-up who loves stickers. They make me happy! These Fourth Wing stickers are amazing. They cover every part of the book- from Andarna to Dain and I cannot wait to use them.


We would not live up to our name if we did not give you our favorite bookends in a list of the best Fourth Wing merch. Dragons and quotes galore are included in these fantastic bookends. There is one in particular that I am eyeing to hold all my Fourth Wing series in place and look as beautiful as the pages.

Home Decor

While we know that not everyone wants to fully decorate their houses with Fourth Wing merch, a little something here and there can be the perfect nod to this amazing book series without being over the top. The best part? anyone who knows the series will be obsessed and anyone who has not read the series will just think you have cool taste in home decor


I have a collection of bookmarks and I put them all to good use. I am usually reading a few books at a time and Kirsten and I are in complete agreement when it comes to dog-earring the pages of books (firm NO!). You especially do not want to ruin the pages of a precious sprayed-edged version of Fourth Wing or Iron Flame. Not only would it ruin the page but it might actually take the paint off the edges and that would be a travesty. This is definitely an exaggeration but you get my point.

Ornaments and Christmas Items

If you love Fourth Wing and are looking for some Fourth Wing merch, these ornaments are a little more subtle. I especially love the ornament with mini books inside. If I had a Christmas tree, it would only have book ornaments and I would love it! So, I encourage you to get a few, take pictures, and send them to me so I can live vicariously through you!

Fourth Wing Merchandise: Patches

These patches are so darn cute! I love them. You can put them on backpacks, clothing, or just about anywhere.


If you are looking for cute, everyday pieces of jewelry, these Fourth Wing themed jewelry pieces are absolutely perfect.

More Fourth Wing Merch

There was so much Fourth Wing merchandise that we loved, that we wanted to include everything we could. This section has candles and so many cute items, that we cannot decide which we want to get first!

Let us know what Fourth Wing Merch you love.

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