The Beyond The Bookends 2024 Reading Challenge is Here!

2024 reading challenge
The Beyond The Bookends 2024 Reading Challenge is Here! 13

The 2024 Reading Challenge is here and we are thrilled to launch our 7th reading challenge since we started the blog.

We think the 2024 Reading Challenge has the perfect combination of fun and thought-provoking reads inspired by what our readers ask us for and trends we see in book publishing.

As usual, we have provided you with a list of suggested books but you are always free to read a book of your choosing.

Are you already participating in the 2024 reading challenge? For more reading challenges, check out the complete list of reading challenges here.

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Beyond the Bookends Reading Challenge 2024

What is the 2024 Reading Challenge?

We are so excited about our 2024 reading challenge. Each year, we post one prompt per month to help you expand your reading horizons. Join the Beyond the Bookends community as we discuss our picks for the reading challenge, get input from our readers, and help you decide what you want your next read to be.

How does a Reading Challenge work?

Every month we will provide you with a list of books we think you will love. We will provide a range of books from fiction and historical fiction to romances. Feel free to pick one of our suggested books or, if these do not appeal to you, any book of your choice.

How do I Join the Reading Challenge for 2024?

It is so easy to join us for the Beyond the Bookends 2024 Reading Challenge. You can simply sign up for our email and download the templates from the subscriber printable library. Every month you can see our recommendations and suggestions for great books to read.

Category Headers
The Beyond The Bookends 2024 Reading Challenge is Here! 14

Want The Best FREE Reading Log Printable? Check out our post along with great tips on how to use them.


What Makes the 2024 Reading Challenge Special?

This year, we are pleased to partner with Our Closet in Your Neighborhood. Our August reading challenge prompt is to read a book about fashion — the perfect tie-in for this year’s philanthropic partner. With this partnership, we hope to expand your reading life and also inspire a feeling of gratitude and giving. The prompt is also part of the 2024 Summer Reading Challenge, which spans May-August.

Throughout the year, we will be hosting in-person events and virtual giving opportunities to raise funds and collect books and clothing donations for this incredible organization. We truly hope this partnership inspires you to give back to the community.

2024 Philanthropic Partner: Our Closet In Your Neighborhood

In 2011, Jill Aschkenasy launched Our Closet, a nonprofit with the mission of providing free, gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories via pop-up shops, to underserved communities throughout Philadelphia, with dignity and respect. In 2017, Our Closet merged with JFCS and is now a full mobile basic needs program, known as Our Closet In Your Neighborhood (OCIYN).

OCIYN partners with host sites, such as community centers, churches, synagogues, hospitals, schools, and other social service agencies in central and high-need areas throughout the city. The program conducts weekly pop-up shops offering free high-quality clothing, fresh, locally sourced, healthy produce and pantry staples, and an onsite JFCS social worker to connect those in need to additional services and benefits. OCIYN also provides and delivers custom emergency clothing packages to community members experiencing crises. 

Our Closet In Your Neighborhood clients are participating in this year’s reading challenge. Please consider donating books through our independent bookstore partner.

2024 Reading Challenge by Month

Our biggest hurdle this year was creating a balance of heavy and light books. Within each category, you will find a mix of suggestions so that how heavy the reading challenge becomes is entirely up to you!

You will find out prompts below and you can also find a few trackers to mark off your progress.

2024 Reading Challenge Book Lists

  1. January- Read a Book Being Adapted to the Screen
  2. February- Read a Fake Dating Story
  3. March- Read a Middle Grade Realistic Fiction
  4. April- Read a Book Set Abroad
  5. May- Read a Biographical Fiction
  6. June- Read an Animal Novel
  7. July- Read a YA Fantasy
  8. August- Read a Fashion Book
  9. September- Read a Coming-of-Age story
  10. October- Read a Historical Mystery
  11. November- Read a Feel good Nonfiction
  12. December- Read a Holiday story (bonus points if you read about a holiday you don’t celebrate!)

Want to check out the 2023 reading challenge? You can have a look to get some ideas for more great books.

Fall Reading Bingo 2023
The Beyond The Bookends 2024 Reading Challenge is Here! 15

What to Challenge Yourself Even More?

Do you love to read and want to challenge yourself even more? We just started doing mini-book challenges for each season. There is a preview of the Fall 2023 Reading Challenge above. Be sure to head over to our Reading Challenge page for each of the seasonal reading challenges and our famous Summer Reading Bingo!

Summer Reading Challenge Guide 2023

Quarterly Magazine

We are also bringing back the quarterly magazine. Like last year, the magazine will feature previews of the coming reading challenge prompts and it will also feature highlights for the upcoming book releases.

You’ll get our personal takes on which books we are most excited about broken down by month. Think of it as an easier-to-read, more personal version of our quarterly book release posts. We’ve included some sample pages below.

Instagram Tracker

Share your monthly picks with us over on Instagram. Instagram is where we do most of our book giveaways too, so if you aren’t following us there already, now’s the perfect time to do so.

We have a video tutorial of how to add book covers to the Instagram reading challenge tracker available in our highlights. If you don’t want to track your reads digitally, check out the blank tracker farther down in the post.

2024 Reading Challenge
2024 Reading Challenge
The Beyond The Bookends 2024 Reading Challenge is Here! 16

Blank 2024 Reading Challenge Tracker

Keep track of the books you read with this handy blank 2024 reading challenge tracker. You can download a copy here.

Blank 2024 reading challenge board

Is there something that you would like us to add to our next reading challenge? Send us email suggestions.

Are you already participating in the 2024 reading challenge? For more reading challenges, check out the complete list of reading challenges here.

Novel Ideas 55

Book Lists by Genre

Are you looking for more books in your favorite genre? This hub will let you choose which genre to dive into!

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