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About Us - Jackie and Kirsten

Welcome to Beyond the Bookends! Within these pages, you will be inspired by carefully curated book recommendations, captivating reading challenges, and a commitment to nurturing a love of books in children. Come read our story.

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Introduction: About Beyond The Bookends

Whether you’re an avid bookworm, a parent seeking recommendations for your little ones, or someone looking to enhance your reading routine, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the many chapters of Beyond the Bookends. 

Adult Books

Chapter 1: Adult Books by Genre

Discover a library’s worth of book recommendations for teens and adults across genres. From gripping thriller novels and heartwarming romances to addicting fantasy series and thought-provoking historical fiction, we’ve sifted through the pages of thousands of books to bring you the best. Find your next favorite read with our carefully crafted lists.

Kid Books

Chapter 2: Kids’ Books by Age

It’s important to foster a love for reading from an early age. With our age-specific book lists, we cater to parents and educators by providing thoughtfully curated book recommendations for babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages.

Author Interview

Chapter 3: Author Interviews & In-Person Events

Gain exclusive access to your favorite authors through our in-depth interviews. You’ll learn about their writing processes and inspirations while gaining insight into the stories behind the stories of your favorite book. Plus, stay tuned for details on our hosted in-person book events! We are always delighted to meet fellow readers.

reading challenge

Chapter 4: Reading Challenges

Embark on adventures beyond the bookends with our curated reading challenges designed to push your boundaries and introduce you to new genres, authors, and perspectives. Challenge yourself to read outside your comfort zone and share your progress with our community. Join the 2024 Reading Challenge and don’t forget about our Summer Reading Bingo beloved on Instagram! Here you will find, the end is just the beginning.

book club guide

Chapter 5: Book Club Guides

Elevate your book club experience with our in-depth bookclub guides. We provide discussion questions and insights to enrich your conversations. Whether you’re a seasoned book club veteran or just starting your reading journey, we’ve got everything you need to make your gatherings engaging and memorable.

New and Upcoming

Chapter 6: New and Upcoming Releases

Stay ahead of the reading curve with our round-up of new and upcoming releases. We spill the tea about the hottest titles hitting the shelves, so you never miss a chance to dive into the next big thing. Plus, get the scoop on the latest celebrity book club picks before they are released to the general public. We won’t reveal our sources, but we often have spoilers before they are announced.

reading readiness

Chapter 7: Reading Readiness

For parents and educators, we offer valuable tips and resources to foster reading readiness in children. Explore activities, book lists, and expert advice to cultivate a love for reading in young minds, ensuring a lifelong journey of learning and imagination.

beyond books

Chapter 8: Beyond Books

Our Beyond Books section explores novel ways to integrate reading into everyday life. It also features other articles that bring us the same joy as books. From family game night to our go-to beauty recommendations, from book and gift pairings to literary-inspired rooms and merchandise, we’re dedicated to inspiring all aspects of your life.

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About the Authors: Meet Jackie and Kirsten

We are Jackie and Kirsten, two suburban Philly moms with a shared passion for books. 

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Meet Jackie:

Jackie, a Speech-Language Pathologist and mother of three dynamic kids, brings her Canadian charm and years of experience to our blog. Growing up in Toronto, her love for reading became a lifelong companion. In her 20+ years of working in regular and special education classrooms, Jackie has integrated her love of books into creating language-based learning opportunities. Her dedication to literacy extends beyond the blog by enriching the lives of her own children and those she works with. She lives for the joy of reading a good book in the bath with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

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Meet Kirsten:

Kirsten, a full-time mom to two energetic boys, is a proud Philadelphia native. After leaving her role at the Philadelphia Zoo, she rediscovered her appreciation for the world of books. With a background in marketing and public relations, Kirsten uses her skills to curate our quarterly magazines, implement social media strategies, and ensure that our website is both relevant and visually appealing. You’ll find her leading the conversation on Instagram. Kirsten’s late-night reading sessions are fueled by her love for coffee and giant bowls of popcorn.

Our Shared Story:

Despite our differing tastes in beverages and sleep schedules, we are always on the same page when it comes to books. The decision to start this blog was born from our desire to turn our passion for reading into a resource for a community of readers. It’s not just an excuse to spend more time indulging in our favorite hobby; it’s a commitment to creating a literary space for fellow book lovers to explore and connect with books and each other.

Through our experiences as moms, professionals, and devoted readers, we hope to bring you book recommendations to fill your library, help incorporate storytelling into daily routines for children, and give glimpses into the literary wonders of the publishing world. Join us on this bookish adventure as we uncover stories to take us beyond the bookends.

Epilogue: Connect with Us

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Do you have a question or want book recommendations? Drop us a line with 3-5 books you love and we will recommend a few for you to enjoy.

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Authors Note:

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