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Welcome to Beyond the Bookends! We help modern moms inspire a love of reading in their children & find great books for themselves.

About Us

On the blog, you will find picks for your next great read, bookish gift guides, and book lists to help you dive deeper into a particular topic or era. We also have a round-up of recorded author interviews so you can hear directly from your favorite authors about the books you love most!

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For your children, you can browse our favorite kid’s literature, rooms inspired by childhood classics, and even activities to bring the stories your children read to life.

We live in the Philadelphia area and we want to show all the amazing things our city has to offer!

Jackie is a Speech Pathologist and a mother of three amazing kids. She grew up in Toronto, Canada which is obvious to anyone that has heard her talk “about” going “out” or doing anything “again!” She has a passion for reading that takes up a lot of her spare time.

Kirsten is a full-time mom to two awesome little boys. She grew up in the Philadelphia area and after leaving the Zoo found that she almost had enough time to read a small percentage of the books on her “to read” list.

Kirsten loves coffee and Jackie only drinks tea. Jackie is an early riser and Kirsten stays up late but when it comes to books, they are always on the same page.

We decided to start this blog so that we had a legitimate excuse to spend as much time reading as we already were. Numerous play-dates were spent at every book store we could find.  Now, these ventures can be business meetings. Whoever said you can’t mix business and pleasure?

Have a question or want book recommendations? Drop us a line with 3-5 books you love and we will recommend a few for you to enjoy.

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