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Teen Girl Night Circus Bedroom

Night Circus inspired bedroom

The Night Circus is a favorite book around here — and for good reason (see review)! The magic of the Night Circus is exactly what dreams are made of. (The Night Circus is called Le Cirque des Rêves or Circus of Dreams). So what could be better than a bedroom that pays homage to this magical book?

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Gender Neutral Harry Potter Room

Looking for a Harry Potter Nursery or Bedroom for your child, baby or teen? Take a look at this modern, muted room that is the perfect mix of magic and whimsy.

When I started Harry Potter, I was already in university.  I took the books from my younger brother and was immediately pulled into this amazing imaginary world.  I stood in lines to get my books at midnight and then, I stayed up all night to read them.  Now that I have kids, they have immersed themselves into this magical world as well. With our kids of both genders in mind, we decided to put together a gender neutral Harry Potter room with just the right of whimsy to make it magical without being over the top. Continue reading “Gender Neutral Harry Potter Room”

Jane Austen Gift Guide

Bookish Room: Dragons Love Tacos Inspired Boho Playroom

A playroom inspired by the hysterical Dragons Love Tacos books? Think Taco poufs, boho prints and plenty of colorful fringe!

Taco Tuesday is a frequent occurrence in my house. My kids love how fun it is to make their own taco creations and they often ask me to read Dragons Love Tacos to them. Naturally, we ordered Dragons Love Tacos 2 the moment we heard about. The newest story is as funny as the first. This version involves time-travel, taco trees (why aren’t these a real thing?) and of course, dragons chowing down on tacos. In honor of its recent release, we’ve decided to create a Dragons Love Tacos inspired boho playroom. This room is eclectic, colorful and perfect for anyone to kick back and play in!  Continue reading “Bookish Room: Dragons Love Tacos Inspired Boho Playroom”

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Bookish Rooms: Treasure Island Pirate Bedroom

Treasure Island Pirate Bedroom inspired by the best pirate books we know!

Treasure Island is a classic book for a reason. Sword fighting, dastardly pirates and of course treasure! The perfect story to inspire any child’s imagination. Most people don’t realize that the story is perfect for kids as young as ten. It’s the perfect story to get kids, particularly boys, into classic literature. While my littles are still too young for this tall-tale, they still love a good pirate adventure, which is what inspired us to create this Treasure Island pirate bedroom mood board. It makes me want to redecorate!

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Bookish Bedroom: Winnie the Pooh Nursery

“Then his heart made up his mind.” – Lindsay Mattick, Finding Winnie

Finding Winnie Book Review

Finding Winnie by Lindsey Mattick is the amazing and true story of the most beloved of all bears- Winnie the Pooh.  In 1914, a military veterinarian name Harry Colebourn rescued a baby bear and named him Winnie after Continue reading “Bookish Bedroom: Winnie the Pooh Nursery”