Gender Neutral Harry Potter Room for Teens and Middle Schoolers

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When I started Harry Potter, I was already in university.  I took the books from my younger brother and was immediately pulled into this amazing imaginary world.  I stood in lines to get my books at midnight and then, I stayed up all night to read them.  Now that I have kids, they have immersed themselves into this magical world as well. With our kids of both genders in mind, we decided to put together a gender-neutral Harry Potter room with just the right of whimsy to make it magical without being over the top.

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Looking for a fun and modern Harry Potter nursery? Or maybe a Harry Potter bedroom or wizard teen room? We've got this modern neutral room for your favorite Hogwarts Fan!

This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase an item through a link, we get a small commission.

Furniture for a Harry Potter Room

Bed – No Harry Potter room is complete without a canopy bed.  This gender neutral bed is a modern version of Harry’s bed and is sure to be perfect for a sweet dreams for years to come. For a girl, feel free to add some guazy curtains too!

Steamer Trunk – Harry travels with a steamer trunk.  Is there a better place for your little witch or wizard to keep all their prized treasures?  It also happens to look great as well.

Wizard Name Letters – No witch or wizards room is complete without wizard name letters.  These wooden lightening letters are so cute and add some personalization to this fantastic room.

Wingbacked Chair – This chair is the perfect coexistence of modern and antique.  It is perfect for a Harry Potter bedroom.

Floating Book Shelf (small) and (large) – Every room needs storage for books, in our opinion.  These floating book shelves look magical.  Maybe that “Wingardium Leviosa” spell worked after all!

Dresser – If they had dressers at Hogwarts, we think that they would look like this one.  This dresser is simple and timeless and will grow with your child if he/she ever decides to change room decor. But, why would they ever NOT want a Harry Potter room is my question?

Harry Potter Room Decor

Duvet Cover – We love this duvet cover.  The colors are muted and it is not too busy but, it definitely shows school pride.

Lumos Light Cover – Your Lumos spell will work every time.  This light cover is so cool looking, we just had to put it in the room.

Free Dobby Sign – In support of house-elves everywhere, we love this sign.  It’s also perfect for hanging things other than socks for Dobby like few favorite pieces of artwork or clothes for the next day.

Lightning Hamper – Cleanroom? Check!  Coolest laundry hamper ever? Check!

Floating Orb Light – We love this light fixture.  It looks like floating snitches or enchanted balls of light.  It is the perfect light for any Harry Potter bedroom without looking like you are sleeping on a movie set.  Its definitely a more practical light than floating candles (can anyone say fire hazard?).

Snuggle Muggle Pillow – As much as I wish we could perform a spell, I still haven’t even managed a simple “wingardium leviosa”.  I have been forced to embrace the life of a muggle.

Rug –  We love that this map of Hogwarts is not too over the top.  In fact, visitors might not realize what it is unless they have a close look.

Decorative Bird Cage – This birdcage is so pretty and perfect for any Harry Potter themed bedroom.  After all, without it, where will Hedwig sleep?

Hedwig – This adorable stuffed animal is perfect for any Harry Potter lover and probably as close as your witch or wizard will get to having a real pet owl!

Art Prints –  These prints add just the right amount of whimsy without being too loud. They are sayings only true potterheads would understand! We love the black and gold too.

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