Bookish Rooms: An Exciting Treasure Island Pirate Bedroom

Treasure Island Pirate Bedroom inspired by the best pirate books we know!

Are you obsessed with pirates? Does your child want a pirate bedroom? Treasure Island is a classic book for a reason. Sword fighting, dastardly pirates, and of course treasure! The perfect story to inspire any child’s imagination. Most people don’t realize that the story is perfect for kids as young as ten.

It’s the perfect story to get kids, particularly boys, into classic literature. While my littles are still too young for this tall tale, they still love a good pirate adventure, which is what inspired us to create this Treasure Island pirate bedroom, mood board. It makes me want to redecorate!

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Treasure Island Pirate Bedroom for your first mate!

Pirate Themed Bedroom

Wave Removable Wallpaper

A-MAZE-BALLS wallpaper sets the tone for the whole treasure island pirate bedroom. I love this so much that I want to use it in the house. And if your child no longer loves pirates when they are older, this gorgeous wallpaper can easily transition to a beautiful coastal-inspired room.

Solid Wood Boat Bed

This bed is the perfect vessel for your child to sail off into dreamland. With a trundle on the bottom, it makes sleepovers with friends easy and fun! And if you are looking for a less expensive bed for your little pirate, you can check out this adorable bed as well (Kid Craft Pirate Bed).

Organic Wilder Ship Bedding

Comfortable, organic bedding that is handsome enough to stay with your child as they age into their teenage years. This bedding is not only perfect for a pirate-themed room, but it is sophisticated as well.

Skull Pillow 

What pirate doesn’t have a skull and crossbones flag? It’s a must-have for any true swashbuckler. This pillow adds just enough pirate to make the room come together.

Pirate Art 

These printables are $8 a piece! What a steal! And there are a dozen other options to choose from! If these are not your style, you can always update with pictures of ships that will grow with your child.

Rope Lamp

I love this lamp! It makes such a statement but is practical too of course.

Boat Bookcase 

How wonderful is this boat bookcase? Perfect to stash all your favorite pirate books. (Can we recommend a few of our favorites?). This is the most adorable bookcase that will easily grow with your child for years to come.

Hammock Chair and Treasure Chest Pillow 

An adorable spot for any matey to curl up and read…or go for a little ride before bedtime.

Treasure Map Sleeping Bag 

Not something to use every day, but beyond adorable. I let my kids sleep in each other’s rooms in sleeping bags all the time. This is perfect to use on the trundle part of the bed!

Treasure Map Growth Chart 

A great way to track your captain’s growth year to year.

So what do you think? Do you like it? Also… Did you know you can get the classic novel for free on your Kindle?

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