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Frozen Bedroom

It’s Frozen 2 premiere day!!! I got a chance to see the movie already and I’ve been singing the songs ever since. Since the original movie was based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, it totally fits in our book-themed world! We wanted to celebrate the launch day by rounding-up our favorite Frozen bedroom items. You know we love a good bookish bedroom moment (Beauty & The Beast, Winnie-the-Pooh, The Lion King, Harry Potter, The Secret Garden, and even Dragons Love Tacos!) So now we present you with the cutest stuff for a Frozen bedroom or Nursery.

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2019 Beyond the Bookends Holiday Gift Guide Frozen Bedroom: The Bed

1. Arendale Print – First up, you need to transport your little one to the land of Arendale and this vintage-inspired poster is beautiful.

2. Castle Bed – Every princess (or queen) needs a castle to sleep in. This gorgeous bunked bed set features a staircase (for your princess to make her icy debut each morning) and space underneath for a desk, an art table, or just as a play zone to store toys.

3. Fuzzy Star Pillow – Frozen and Frozen II both feature plenty of night sky scenes, so star motifs are totally appropriate. This fuzzy pillow reminds me of something Elsa would make out of ice and snow.

4. Sheets – These sheets from Target are gorgeous and soft! I felt them myself at Target earlier today.  I love that these feature Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven in addition to the leading ladies.

5. Comforter – Pottery Barn’s quilting is so pretty and it holds up beautifully. I like that the design is subtle. No giant princess faces placed all over. There are sheets that match this set too, but I like the other ones better.

6. Arendale Castle – This toy is AMAZING. It”s perfect for the barbie size princess dolls that Disney makes. It should fit perfectly under the castle bed too!

7. Let it Go Pillow – What child doesn’t like those reversible sequins? This one features Elsa’s signature phrase from the first movie.

8. Snowflake Lights – Imagine these lights hanging under the bunk bed, wrapped around the stairs, or hanging from the ceiling. MOST EPIC NIGHT LIGHT EVER.


2019 Beyond the Bookends Holiday Gift Guide 1Frozen Bedroom: The Book Nook

1. Chair – This cozy, modern chair is actually a recliner. It’s so stunning that it can be used even when your child grows older. The white backdrop is just calling for some blue accents.

2. Blanket – Throw this faux fur and sequin snowflake blanket over the chair to create an inviting reading space with a touch of Frozen flair.

3. Pillow – Another reversible sequin pillow – this time with a scene from the new movie. It will look great on that chair.

4. Bookends – Is Frozen even Frozen without mountains to climb? Nope! That’s why your little one needs these snow-covered mountain bookends on their bookshelf.

5. Snow Globe Lamp – AHHHHHHH! This is possibly my favorite thing ever. A castle snow globe lamp?!?!?! I’m obsessed. Seriously. I need this.

6. Rug – That star motif again. This subtle blue is the perfect bit of frosty feels for your floor.

7. Bookcase – Does anyone else think this bookcase looks like a home straight out of Arendale? I love it because it can double as a dollhouse!

8. Night Stand – A simple and understated side table for your books and that phenomenal lamp.

2019 Beyond the Bookends Holiday Gift Guide 2

Frozen Bedroom: Play Space

1. Canopy – I mean, this canopy is just everything. It is perfect for creating the perfect book nook for little ones.

2. Sherpa Chair – Every book nook needs a chair and this sherpa number is tops. I can feel those winter vibes!

3. Felt Garland – Drap this garland anywhere in your child’s room – on the wall, on the bed, on the bookcase. It’s just a lovely pop of fun.

4. Icicle Chandelier – I dare you to look at this chandelier and not seen a frozen waterfall. Gorgeous, elegant, and fun – it can totally be used in the teen years.

5. Curtains – Something about these cascading ruffles has me picturing snowfall.

6. Light Switch – An ice light switch? Such a fun touch!

7. Frozen Art – As elegant as this room is, at the end of the day your little one wants that Frozen magic. This print set is an artsy version of the faces they love.

8. Sven Rocking Chair – I want this soft, cuddly Sven for myself. I can just imagine any child riding on him while decked out in their finest princess apparel.

Other Frozen Goodies


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