Harry Potter Special Edition Books and Other HP Lists

Harry Potter Special Edition Books
Harry Potter Special Edition Books and Other HP Lists 16

As avid Harry Potter lovers, we have also become collectors of Harry Potter special edition books. We love that they are keepsakes we can share with our families.

In addition, after many years of blogging, we’ve created quite a few pieces of Harry Potter-related content. We are talking about everything from books that are like it, Harry Potter collaboration round-ups, and even HP-inspired parties.

So, we thought it would make sense to round them all up in one place for easier navigation.

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Harry Potter Special Editions

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Harry Potter Special Edition Books

HP illustrated

Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

Illustrated by the fabulous Jim Kay, I adore these oversized editions with illustrations on each page for family read-aloud time. The stories come to life in these special editions.

They have reached Goblet of Fire in terms of release, but there are plans to publish all 7 in this format.

Harry POtter Juniper

Juniper Harry Potter Cover Editions

Juniper’s edition of Harry Potter are book jackets that you can put around the hardcover editions you already own! They come in a few different styles that look incredible on bookcases.

You can buy them jackets only or with the books. We’ve tried to round up all of them below. Do you have a favorite?

Harry Potter Trunk

Original Hardbacks in Collector’s Trunk

If you are a fan of Mary GrandPré’s original artwork, this is the set for you! It makes a perfect gift in this collector’s edition trunk.

This would be particularly wonderful for a new child just starting out on their Harry Potter Journey.

Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

Hogwarts House Editions

Do you have a ton of house pride? Are you looking to upgrade your bookshelves to reflect it?

Then look no further than the hardback and paperback Hogwarts house editions. Mix and Match or get a complete set! We’ve rounded up as many as we could find below.

Minilima HP

Harry Potter Pop-Up Minalima Editions

Did you know that Minalima are the artists who made all the graphic and print items for the movies? That makes them uniquely qualified to create these editions.

These editions are incredible, with moving parts and pop-up elements. I only have the first one so far, but I’ve preordered the second.

Brian Selznick

Brian Selznick Illustrated Editions

Famed illustrator Brian Selznick redid the covers of the paperback editions of the Harry Potter series.

The cool thing about this set is if you line up the covers, they create one giant mural! Plus it comes in a cool box with a giant image of Harry on the back.

Harry Potter complete box set

Harry Potter Hogwarts Box Set

Another new edition set, these paperbacks have all new covers whose spines line up to create a view of Hogwarts castle.

I love the images that Kazu Kibuishi created for this series particularly the image of the burrow on the cover of book 2.

Harry Potter Articles

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Children’s Books Like Harry Potter

17 books for early and middle grade readers who are obsessed with Harry Potter. The perfect books to read before and after finishing the series.

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Adult Books Like Harry Potter

20+ adult books similar to the Harry Potter series. Featuring magic colleges, series about witches, and other books about magicians, this list is NOT for children.

14 Books Related to Harry Potter and s
Harry Potter Special Edition Books and Other HP Lists 19

19 Best Books Related to Harry Potter and The Wizarding World

These books are related to Harry Potter and included pop-ups, lego books, picture books, and more stories about the wizarding world.

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Magical Harry Potter Collaborations

Vera Bradley, Pottery Barn, Mini Boden, and more brand collaborations featuring HP.

Quirky Harry Potter Gifts and Harry Potter special edition books
Harry Potter Special Edition Books and Other HP Lists 21

Quirky Harry Potter Gifts

Mugs, gifts for the home, Harry Potter apparel, and other quirky, fun gifts for HP fans.

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Gender Neutral Harry Potter Room

A Gender Neutral room for young adults and teens who love HP but want something modern and age-appropriate.

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