2023 Magical Harry Potter Collaborations: Vera Bradley & More

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20 years after the first book in the Harry Potter series was released, the fanbase grows ever stronger. It’s no wonder there are tons of brands looking to create Harry Potter collaborations.

Now the children of the original readers are becoming obsessed with the magical world created by JK Rowling. Double the fan-base, double the interest.

My own 7-year-old routinely runs around shouting spells at his brother, listens to the award-winner audiobooks on repeat, and builds with his Harry Potter Lego sets.

We are so inundated with his constant badgering that my husband, who has never seen the movie or read the books (I know….it does make me question my choice in marrying him 🤷‍♀️) can rattle off fun facts and character names, mind you he calls Ron ” LeBron Weasley” but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is, I can’t escape the Harry Potter mania. So instead, I’ve learned to indulge my little guy. I’m clearly not the only person in this boat because Harry Potter collaborations are popping up EVERYWHERE.

So if you are looking to decorate a room, get dressed from head to toe, or find a fun game to inspire your child’s creativity, we’ve got you covered with this round-up of our favorite Harry Potter collaborations.

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210421 Herbology Homepage 1 D 1400x

Harry Potter Vera Bradley’s Hogwarts and Herbology Collection

This collaboration speaks to college Kirsten so much. I adored Vera Bradley backpacks when I was in school, and I would have snapped up one of these in a heartbeat!

But it’s more than just bag. There are tumblers, notebooks, robes, and more in this line of Harry Potter Vera Bradley’s featuring a Hogwarts and Herbology print.

ALex and ani 1

Alex and Ani x Harry Potter

Have a jewelry obsession? Check out this collection of necklaces, bangles, and earrings inspired by people and places from the book series.

Harry Potter Collaborations

Harry Potter x USAopoly

My personal favorite collaboration is the puzzles and games coming from USAopoly. We absolutely ADORE Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle in this house – you build up the skills as you get better and graduate years. It’s amazing. But HP Clue is also big around here. Now I’ll be eyeing a few more in time for the holidays.

Williams Sonoma Harry Potter

Williams-Sonoma X Harry Potter

Have a little baker on your hands? Or maybe you are planning for a Harry Potter inspired birthday party? Well the bakeware at Williams-Sonoma is perfect for you then! The pancake cutter set is my personal favorite.

Pottery Barn X Harry Potter

Pottery Barn’s Harry Potter Decor

Remember when we made a Harry Potter Bedroom? How much easier would it have been had this incredible collection from Pottery Barn been around?

I LOVE the giant Mirror of Erised. It’s such a show stopper, though the time-turner and winged key hooks are beautiful too. My boys would love the quidditch bedding set in their rooms, but I think I’ll settle with some lunch gear!

Mini Boden and other Harry Potter Collaborations

Mini Boden Harry Potter Clothing

There has been a longstanding collaboration between British children’s clothing brand Mini Boden. They have been creating new styles and lines for years nows.

Which of these Harry Potter collaborations is your favorite?

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  1. I was trying to convince my husband to agree to a Harry Potter themed nursery, but he sounds a lot like yours! That idea was a strong veto haha. I hadn’t heard of the Williams Sonoma items before so I’m checking them out!