Fun Summer Reading Challenges and the 2024 Beach Read Hub

Ultimate Beach Reads 2024

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know each year Jackie and I release an Ultimate Beach Read guide for the summer. Inspired by our annual reading challenge, adult Summer reading challenges were created to expand your reading horizons!

After many years of blogging, I’ve written 7 of those ultimate lists and numerous other summer reading lists.

This is why we wanted to put all the beach read book lists in one place.

Introducing – The 2024 Beach Read Hub!

Below, are links and brief descriptions of our Ultimate beach reads, pool reads, and beach-set lists. They are laid out in chronological order.

Each time we publish a summer reading related list, we will update the 2024 Beach Read Hub.

July Header

Summer Reading Challenges

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you know that each quarter we release a free magazine with reading challenge picks and new release highlights. Now, you’ll get a downloadable version of Summer Reading Bingo each year too!

2024 summer reading bingo

Adult Summer Reading Challenge 2024 – Summer Bingo Year 4!

2024 Beach Read season is upon us and once again we’ve created the perfect adult reading challenge for summer!

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2023 Summer Reading Challenge

It’s 2023 beach read season and we’ve got a whole new series of prompts for this year’s summer reading challenge.

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2022 Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Summer reading challenges are our thing. This year’s includes books about the circus, historical fantasy, thrillers, and books set in Britain are just some of the fun prompts in this year’s Summer Reading Bingo.

Summer Reading Bingo and Beach Read Hub

2021 Summer Reading Challenge

The Original Summer Reading Bingo!! The adult reading challenge that’s becoming an annual tradition. Fun prompts and great prizes designed to have your summer all booked!

Are you already participating in the 2024 reading challenge? For more reading challenges, check out the complete list of reading challenges here.

Novel Ideas 31

Beach Reading Lists

2024 summer reading bingo

Ultimate List of Best Beach Reads 2024: Must-Read Books for Summer

The best beach reads list of summer is back for its 7th year! Come find out what is worth adding to your beach bag!

8 1

13 Pool Reads for 2024

Over a dozen fun poolside reads that even have pools on the front cover!! Featuring books by Steven Rowley, Sally Hepworth, Wendy Francis, and more!

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The Best Beach Books of All Time

20 of our all-time favorite beach books. Thrillers, mysteries, fiction, romance, fantasy, and more. These are the best beach books of all time!

poolside reads

Books Set at Vacation Locales

Category Headers 11

22 Best Boat Books and Sailing Novels for Vacation

There are dozens of fun stories set on the water! From romances to historical fiction, these boat books are perfect for your next vacation.

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7 Sensational Lake Books You Will Love

Get swept away on your next lake vacation with the charming romances and creepy thrillers on this list!

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22 Terrific Hotel Novels to Indulge in on Vacation

Next time you are set to stay at a hotel, grab a book set in one too! These mysteries, romances, thrillers, and middle-grade picks are perfect for reading while enjoying room service.

7 1

Books Set at the Beach

Transport yourself to Capri, Nantucket, Montauk, Jeju, and the Caribbean with 21 delightful books set at the beach.

Cornwall, England set Beach reads

Books Set in Cornwall

The craggy coastline and rocky beaches make Cornwall the perfect setting for many novels. We gathered a list of our favorite books set there in this list.

For daily book reviews, author interviews, and summer reading challenges tracking, follow us on Instagram!

Ultimate Beach Reads Lists From Previous Years

beach read Category Headers

2023 Ultimate Beach Reads

The hottest summer reads of 2023! This list features more than 70 of the best books published in the past year for you to read on the beach!

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Ultimate Beach Reads 2022

80+ amazing beach reads for 2022!! We’ve got the scoop on the latest books from Rebecca Serle, Charmaine Wilkerson, Fiona Davis, Chandler Baker, and more!

2 1

Ultimate Beach Reads 2021

The latest list of over 74 books across various genres that are perfect for Summer 2021. Mysteries, Thrillers, Romances, Non-Fiction, and more.

3 1

Ultimate Beach Reads 2020

This was the year we really kicked UBR up a notch with over 80 recommendations of books to read at the shore!

4 1

Ultimate Beach Reads 2019

Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Fantasies, Thrillers, and more. There are always tons of recommendations for summer reading in these lists.

5 1

Ultimate Beach Reads 2018

50 books spanning multiple genres, all picked out because they are light enough to enjoy by the sea but engaging enough to keep the pages turning.

Ultimate Beach Read 2017

Ultimate Beach Reads 2017

The Beach Read list that started them all! We laid out 50 books that we thought would be great for summer reading. Little did we know it would become a year series, beloved by our readers!

We hope you found the 2023 beach read hub helpful! Are you planning to participate in our summer reading challenges?

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