Disney Book Adaptations, Disney+, and a Look into Kirsten’s New Den

Disney+ Book AdaptationsJackie and I are both die-hard Disney fans. We love the movies, the theme parks, the characters, the TV shows, and their publishing side, obviously. Maybe it’s because there are so many Disney book adaptations… Nah…it’s the princesses! When we found out about Disney+ we were eager to sign up. Jackie signed up easily with her smart TV, but I hit a bit of a snag. My smart TV was too old for the new app and my cable provider didn’t allow me direct access. Not one to be deterred, I quickly realized that I could get the Amazon FireTV Stick as a workaround. But would it work? I decided to take the plunge and find out.  Since we are talking about movies and TV, this also seems like a great time to let you guys into my (almost) finished den.

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Disney Book Adaptations on Disney+
Disney+ Review

My determination to have Disney+ was not easily

thwarted by my lack of a new television. I turned to Amazon’s Fire TV Stickir?source=bk&t=beyondth06 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=03334c6bba6a85c2d5af56b29329e551& cb=1581803053836 as my solution. I got the 4K version for less than $50. The Fire TV Stick is easy to use. Plug it into an HDMI slot, download the app of your choice and go! I was a little worried at first because in the initial set-up screen you have to choose apps to download and the Disney+ app wasn’t featured. Once I selected Netflix, I was sent to the home screen where I downloaded Disney+, logged in and got my account set up.

Disney+ review for Amazon Fire Tv

From the home screen, we got right into all our favorite movies, tv shows, and documentaries. I immediately selected some choice movies for my kiddos to experience. They loved older classics like The Sound of Music, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and The Swiss Family Robinson which are movies that take me back to my own childhood. Plus the kids can get their favorite Disney Junior and Disney Channel shows as well as original content only available on Disney+. My husband loves that he can watch the Marvel and Star Wars movies.

We’ve experienced a small delay in movies once or twice in the same way we do with Netflix on occasion. It’s only happened when our general internet is acting up so I don’t believe it is app related.

Disney Book Adaptations on Disney+

Since my family has quickly been making its way through the Disney catalog, I’ve been noticed just how many Disney movies are based on books. I thought it would be fun to add a little checklist to this post so that you can enjoy all the book-related content Disney+ has to offer. Check it out below and download it here.

Disney Book Adaptations on Disney+

Disney+ review for older TVsKirsten’s Den

And now a peek into my newly finished Den. It’s still missing the perfect mirror over the fireplace and the carpet needs to be replaced. We were considering a puppy and didn’t want to replace it until we ruled out dog life for sure. (We did. New carpet coming soon.) The room prior to the update was filled with hand-me-down sofas, beige walls, and not much else.

Mid Century modern den update with book nook.Side table in modern den.Mid century modern and 80s style family room with grey and navy furniture.

I started with a new sofa from American Leather. It was an investment, but well worth the cost. Because such a chunk of the budget went to the sofa, we spruced up the rest of the room with more affordable pieces. The side table, pillows, coffee table, taller coffee table, Tv console, behind the sofa console and lamp were all from West Elm.

80s meets Mid Century Modern family room with book nook. The perfect Mid-century modern book nook. 80's style Swivel chairs Mid Century Modern bookcase with board game storage. Mid-Century Modern Bookcase from west elm. Perfect storage.We created a conversation space with swivel chairs, fuzzy pillows, and a bookcase. The bookcase is perfect for displaying pretty books and storing games. We are a huge game family so the tv console and behind the sofa console store our games as well. The swivel chairs are amazing because they allow me to turn and talk into the kitchen, swivel to watch the TV, or pivot to talk with people on the couch. Who knew swivel chairs were this incredible?

Card table, modern fireplace, and eames chair. An modern chevron marble fireplace with floating mantle The best book nook to read in.Behind the TV is a fireplace area that was also recently renovated. It was covered in slate tiles and rustic wooden beams that were not my jam. So after we swapped out the tiles and installed a floating mantle, we added in a reading nook nearby. This nook features the most comfortable chair in my entire home (here’s a cheaper version). I love to read here with the fire on. We also set up a space to play all those games we have stored around the room. The card table is from our old house and it can be extended for extra space. Since it’s a kid-friendly room, the plastic chairs we chose are durable and comfy.

So that’s the tour of my favorite room in the house. It’s warm, welcoming, and filled with happiness. Now if you’ll excuse me, the kids want to watch Frozen and I need to claim my favorite spot on the couch.

>Considering getting Disney+? Check out this review first. PLUS download a free disney book adaptions checklist of all the movies you can see on Disney+. #disneyplus #disneymoviesLooking to update your family room with functional, kid-friendly pieces? This Den has a mix of 80s style chunky furniture and clean lined mid-century modern pieces. The end result is relaxed elegance that's thoroughly modern.

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