7 Gender-Neutral Baby Books for Families to Cherish Forever

Gender-Neutral Baby Books, a First Library Collection

We’ve covered unique books for a baby girl or baby boy, but what happens when you go to a baby shower and you don’t know the baby’s gender? We’ve got you covered there too with gender-neutral baby books!

This list of gender-neutral baby books is comprised of 7 cute stories that will make any baby happy but will also last past the baby stage. My children loved these books through toddlerhood and preschool. I even catch my elementary-aged son reading them on occasion. 

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Gender neutral baby books, a collection of 7 favorites for baby's first library.

Gender-Neutral Baby Books

Each of these books will work in any library. These unique stories make for great gifts you can be sure the recipient hasn’t already gotten. They are big hits in my personal home library, so I can attest to just how wonderful they truly are.


LMNO Peas by Keith Baker

This delightful book showcases each letter of the alphabet in a story about peas and all the jobs they can have. Told through rhyme, your little one will eagerly hunt for the peas matching the described jobs.

There are so many clever illustrations that this book is one you will want to explore over and over again.

Why We Love This Book: We love any book that has a great rhyming scheme but this one is hilarious with adorable illustrations to match.
Appropriate for Ages: 2-5
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This gender-neutral baby book also appears on our list of best alphabet books!

Owl Babies

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

This book subtly reinforces the fact that mama (and dada) come back. It also shows that sometimes animals get anxious feelings.

For babies, the white owls and dark night forest are mesmerizing before they can see in color. This is one of the great gender-neutral baby books for working parents. I found I started it early with my little one when I went back to work. This is an adorable pick from gender-neutral baby books.

Gender Neutral Baby Books, A First Library Collection - 7 books that will grow with baby.

Best Gender-Neutral Baby Books

In My Heart by Jo Witek and more books for 2-year-olds

In My Heart by Jo Witek

Kids need to learn all about their feelings in a way that is safe and comfortable. The tactile pages in this board book will please little hands as the hearts cut in the center get smaller and smaller.

Why We Love This Book: Children will learn to identify feelings with simple words that explain what each feeling feels in their bodies and minds.
Appropriate for ages 2-5
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Love Matt De La Pena

Love by Matt De La Pena

This sweet, gorgeously illustrated tale showcases the different kinds of love. It highlights how love stays with you and makes you stronger.

I also loved that it pointed out the different actions people take to show their love without saying words. I get teary-eyed every time I read this story.

just ask

Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayer

This is definitely the most advanced book on the list. Written by Sonia Sotomayer, this book covers disabilities and differences in a lovely way. It is NEVER too early to talk to your children about differences. This book does a great job of pointing out similarities between all people in the form of a question to the reader. This is a gorgeous gender-neutral baby book.

A boy who is deaf might ask if you love to read too, or a girl with Tourettes might ask if you ever feel frustrated. I love that it gives a little description of what the difference is from the perspective of someone living with that difference. All set in a garden, the overarching message is that the most beautiful garden is made up of different flowers.

Amazing gender neutral baby books for baby's first library, including LOVE, Owl Babies, Just Ask and more.

More Gender-Neutral Baby Books

the big bed

The Big Bed by Bunmi Laditan

At some point in any parent’s life, their child will try to convince them that they NEED to sleep in mom & dad’s bed. This hysterical story takes it a step further as the child attempts to kick daddy out of bed…permanently. Everyone in my family loved this story and it’s a frequent bedtime request. Bunmi Laditan is the author behind the famed Honest Toddler account. 

Tickle Monster and more monster books for kids

Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett

This baby monster book is a wonderfully interactive picture book for kids. As you read it, it instructs you where to tickle your child!

When you read this book to your little one, you get to tickle and they get to laugh.  After all, laughter and books should go together.

Sold individually or as a kit, we recommend the kit for the fun tickle monster gloves. Put on the gloves and tickle along with the tickle monsters. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers alike love this one. Be warned – it’s not great for bedtime because it can get kids in quite a goofy mood.

Appropriate for Ages 2-5
Important note: Some children love being tickled while others do not. Take cues from your child.

7 amazing gender neutral baby books for baby's first library. These gender neutral books are perfect baby shower gifts.

Which gender-neutral baby books would you add to our list?

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Looking for the perfect first book for baby? We've rounded up 7 gender neutral baby books for baby's first library. They make great gifts for any growing book collection.

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