7 Great Baby Books for Boys to Read as They Grow

Baby boy's library - great baby books for boys
7 Great Baby Books for Boys to Read as They Grow 13

Looking for baby books for boys? We’ve got great picks for a baby boy’s library!

When my first child was born, I received so many amazing and generous gifts.  But, now that my baby is almost 12 years old, there is one gift that is still in use.  Books. 

It may seem strange to get a baby anything other than board books but, I can tell you from experience, that picture books last for years.  Sometimes,  my kids and I still sit down and read these books together because they are timeless. 

Kirsten and I went through our extensive library of children’s books and picked out some of our favorites.  From animals and cars to feelings and exploration, we have it all.  We think this is the perfect list of UNIQUE baby books for boys to start a baby boy’s library.

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Baby Books for Boys

If I Built a Car and more baby books for boys

If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen

One of my absolute all-time favorites, this book has been read so many times that my entire family can recite half the book by heart.  It is so creative and funny.

Best of all, it is written entirely in rhyme.  There are not many books that can top this is on my list of must-have baby books for boys. A young boy describes exactly what kind of car he would make and his ideas are revolutionary. We love this pick from baby books for boys. It is a must-read.

Once There was a boy and more baby boys' library books

Once There was a Boy… Boxed Set by Oliver Jeffers

This amazing set has three of my favorite books.  How to Catch a Star, Way Back Home, and Lost and Found. 

An unnamed boy heads out on adventures in his little red and white striped shirt.  I love the illustrations but, even more, I love that the adventures are all centered around love, friendship, and kindness. This is perfect for baby boy books.

Mitchell Goes Driving

Mitchell’s License/ Mitchell Goes Driving by Halie Durand

I LOVE this story for bedtime with my little guys and I love this for a list of baby boy books. Mitchell drives his daddy like a car to bed every night. Mitchell steers his daddy around the house by tugging on dad’s ears, and he’s a real driving pro.

But one night, Mitchell tries to take a detour to get some “fuel”….at the cookie jar. That’s when the car goes into auto-pilot. It’s clever and cute and Mitchell’s license photo is adorable. I gave my kids my old licenses to play with after reading this story with them.

More Baby Boy Books

In My Heart by Jo Witek and more books for 2-year-olds

In My Heart by Jo Witek

Kids need to learn all about their feelings in a way that is safe and comfortable. The tactile pages in this board book will please little hands as the hearts cut in the center get smaller and smaller.

Why We Love This Book: Children will learn to identify feelings with simple words that explain what each feeling feels in their bodies and minds.
Appropriate for ages 2-5
Find this book in:
Books about Feelings / Books for a 3-year-old / Gender Neutral Baby Books

what a wonderful world

What a Wonderful World by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss 

The song first recorded by Louis Armstrong has been turned into a book.  I love the illustrations and the message of love, hope, kindness, and peace.  I adore reading this book to my children even as they are well past the board book stage.  The words in this book never grow old.

Babys first bank heist

Baby’s First Bank Heist by Jim Whalley 

This book is a completely hilarious tale about a baby who loves animals and will go to any lengths to ensure that he has a pet (or two or ten) of his own – even robbing a bank!!! 

Why We Love This Book: It is such a funny and silly story, you will definitely enjoy reading it as much as your little one and the illustrations are so fun to peer over!
Appropriate for ages 3-7
Find this book in
Preschool books about the Zoo, baby boy books

the great puppy invasion

The Great Puppy Invasion by Alastair Heim

There is nothing better than a boy and his dog. This book is beyond adorable and a perfect pick for baby boy books. The illustrations are lovely and it’s such a charming book!

The town of Strictville has a firm anti-puppy policy but when a legion of furry friends invades their town, it’s not too long before everyone has a change of heart when one boy is brave enough to show them just how loving a puppy can be.

Those are our picks for the best baby books for boys! Which will you get for a baby boy’s library?

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